Crystal Healing and Crystal Magick: A How-To Guide

Crystals have fascinated humans since antiquity. Back before glass or dyes, brightly-colored, shiny rocks held a particular fascination for humans. Some became gemstones purely for decoration. However, any crystal channel healing or magick energy.

Crystals are conduits of cosmic and psychic energy.

I like to leave a few crystals by my table when I work. I use a clear quartz to channel energy, a rose quartz to increase love, and an amethyst to open the channels to the cosmic world. I also like to use fluorite and tanzanite to open my third eye. I like lapis lazuli, too. They look nice and the colors are soothing, but more importantly, the minerals themselves help me channel energy from the universe toward myself so I can better help others.

Use a crystal to channel energy toward or away.

Crystals can bring energy toward you or away from you. This is useful for physical healing. Turquoise, serpentine, quartz, and citrine are great for protection and drawing in energy. Hematite and obsidian is great for repelling it. Generally speaking, darker gemstones draw energy away from the body and lighter gemstones attract it. When it doubt, quartz and green crystals are great for drawing healing energy toward the body.

Crystal visions are a real thing

“Look into my crystal ball,” the psychic says, as he or she gazes into the shiny sphere waiting for a vision to come. Nowadays, most balls are made of glass, but they used to be made of crystal. They were smaller back then, and not all of them were clear. Any shiny crystal would do. My mother preferred an obsidian ball. My great-grandmother was known for her labradorite sphere visions.

I’ll tell you a secret: the crystal ball channels energy into the mind, but once in a great while, a vision actually appears in the crystal itself. This is usually because the energy is so strong that it can appear in 2-D.




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  1. Linh Chi Nguyen Reply

    I’ve been interested in Crystals ever since I began journaling and channeling my guides and one particular angel of mine in general named Yzerephine. I asked what it’s favorite color was and it replied with “Aqua Crystal,” so I took note of that and decided to look it up later. It turned out to be a an Aqua Aura Quartz meant to bring the user success, prosperity, abundance, and love. It also helps you with communication as it opens up the throat chakra. I feel like Yzerephine told me about this crystal because he knew that I usually have trouble communicating with my loved ones and opening up about my desires. This angel of mine knows that I am quite the introverted person in real life so yeah… That’s a little interesting story on how I practiced automatic writing with my “higher self” and angels. I just wrote down a bunch of questions that I was curious about and they answered me in my mind. Thanks Cedric for introducing me to another world of magic! I can’t wait to talk to my angels again soon.

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