Quora? I’m Answering Your Questions There!

Quora is a better forum for questions.

Quora is a superior place to answer questions. Yes, I know that it’s not on my website. However, I have a backlog of questions from people here on this blog that I really don’t have the time or energy to answer all of them.

After all, I still have a business to run, and I’m a psychic first, and a writer second. Actually, I’m a psychic first, a business owner second, a husband to a fabulous lady third, and then maybe fourth, I’m a writer.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be posting here anymore. I will continue to update my blog. However, if you’ve asked me a question, and I have not answered it, take heart. I have most likely read it and put in the queue.

So, what have you been doing, Cedric?

I’ve been busy! Work is as busy as ever, and lately, I’ve been taking advantage of the retrogrades to examine my life more. I don’t have a lot of energy now with Saturn and Mars retrograde, and I don’t want to push myself. This a time for thinking, not doing. I have started nothing new (not really), and I’m trying to take care of myself.

I know what it means to work yourself so hard you get sick. I need to be around for a while. There’s too much work to do. There’s too much to look forward to in life to want it to end.

So, I have been answering questions on Quora about psychic topics, astrology, and tarot. If there’s anything you want to know from me, I suggest you ask it there. Not only will I answer, but so will many other psychics (and skeptics, but you can collapse those answers if they’re too rude).

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  1. Cathie Reply

    Am in a serious financial situation. Money is my issue in replying to you for guidance. You have reached out to me and I hope you can help me with my future but money is bad . What can we do because I believe in you and I know you can help.

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