The Three Wise Men: Who Were They?

Who were the Three Wise Men?

The magi of the Nativity Story of the birth of Jesus appears in the book of Matthew. The magi, three wise men or thee kings from the Orient followed a bright star to a remote village in Judea, Bethlehem, to meet and give gifts to the prophesied king.

What they found in this backwater of Israel was a barn full of animals and a poor couple who had just given birth to a baby boy.

Still, believing in the prophesy and the star that led them there, recognized the baby boy as the awaited king. Why? It was the stars, and not the trappings of wealth, that was their wisdom.

The magi were astrologers!

There is no record of actual wise men going to Bethlehem. However, they have been believed to be magi, wise men, or kings. They are often referred to as kings because it’s harder for many Christians to reconcile  practitioners of the occult, being the first outsiders to recognize Jesus’s divinity.

But the magi were astrologers and likely magicians. They predicted Jesus’s birth and traveled alone to a foreign land to find him.

The magi were good astrologers, too.

Imagine if the magi travelled thousands of miles, went to the stable, and saw a boy born to a poor family and assumed that they were mistaken because a poor boy born in a barn couldn’t be the King of Kings.

But they wouldn’t have done that, because they were astrologers.

Astrology sees no social class, no gender, no wealth, or any of the other prejudices that blind people. If the universe says it is so, the wise man listens to the universe, not the failing wisdom of people.

This is what I have always liked about astrology. A chart is a chart; the potential of a person is always there despite what the world decides. It’s a great equalizer. What we think we know about people is often not the case at all, because our idea of how the world works is based on limits, not wisdom or potential.

Were the magi wise men to recognize Jesus, or were they wise men because they listened to the universe, not society?

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