Ostara: Reviving the Sun and Psychic Energy

Happy Ostara! (And Happy Easter, too!) Easter is April 1st today, and people all over the world will be celebrating the return of spring. This holiday used to be known as Ostara, a celebration of the return of springtime and the end of the cold. However, all of these spring holidays celebrate the return of

Animal Spirit Guides: 3 Ways to Find One

Animal spirit guides have been a feature of many different traditional cultures. Animism, in fact, was the religion of many early humans. Animism is the belief that plants, animals, and objects have souls or spiritual qualities. Part of that believe can include the idea that animals have supernatural abilities or that spirits can take on

Astrology Quirks: Something Weird About Each Sun Sign

Every astrological sign is weird in its own way. Astrology quirks are what makes the study of the zodiac interesting. I’ve listed a few odd observations I’ve made over the years. Astrology Quirks: Aries: Aries feels anger stronger than it feels pain, and it can go days without sleeping and then pass out for three.

Mind Reading Gone Wrong: What Happens When You Learn Things You’d Rather Not Know

Mind reading, or telepathy or ESP, is a skill that turns into a double-edged sword. It’s hard to say just how it enhances life if you have the skill. Those of us who have had it have always had it. I wouldn’t know what life is like without having ESP. However, I do know enough

Curse: What a Psychic Can (and Can’t) Do to Lift a Curse

Dealing with a curse? I’ve been asked before, and yes: I can lift curses…to an extent. I mean that I can lift curses to the extent that any psychic can lift curses. While just about all curses can be recognized, not all curses can be completely lifted. What’s a curse, exactly? A curse, or hex,

Why Don’t Psychics Win the Lottery? Addressing the Skeptic

Why don’t psychics win the lottery? asks the skeptic. Perhaps they do win the lottery, but no one asks them if they’re psychic. There’s a believe that because someone is clairvoyant or as ESP that they should be able use it for material gain, like a superhero. Perhaps the skeptic thinks that psychic ability means playing