Spring Equinox: Why This is the Real New Year

The Spring Equinox is the real new year.

The spring equinox is March 20, the first day of spring and the first day of Aries. It’s also the real, cosmic new year. This is the day pagans would celebrate the return of life, the warming of the Earth, and the return of the crops. The spring equinox is one of the two days of the year where daytime and nighttime are the same length. These happen on the same days every year: December 21st and March 20th.

December 21st is the first day of Capricorn. March 20th is the first day of Aries.

What about January 1st?

There is no astrological significance to January 1st. The day we consider New Year is actually just an ordinary day. There is no astrological significance to January 1st. Nothing important happens.

January 1st is a political or culturally designated New Year. It’s close to Christmas, which was arbitrarily set for December 25th (Jesus was probably born in March, actually). Christmas was the start of the new year for Christians.

How do you celebrate the spring equinox?

You can celebrate it any way you want! Of course, you’ll have to ask your boss if you want the day off (it’s on a Tuesday this year). Pagans and others celebrate the arrival of spring in many different ways. You could watch the sun rise over Stonehenge. You could do a meditation ritual. How about a feast or a party? You could do that, too.

What about Easter?

Easter, or Ostara, is another name for the equinox! In fact, many of the things we do at Easter are part of the old pagan rituals. We celebrate with lambs, rabbits, and eggs. These are all signs of fertility. We wear new clothes and give flowers. In fact, we eat fruits, vegetables, and eggs, which weren’t normally available to our ancestors during the winter. In the west, we give Easter baskets of treats and eggs, symbolizing the abundance that spring will bring.

What about New Year’s predictions?

There’s no better time than the spring equinox to ask a psychic for a new year’s prediction. The Moon will be entering Taurus, the sign of reaping rewards. Contact me or one of my friends for a psychic reading!


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