Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018 – 2019 in the Houses

Jupiter in Sagittarius: November 8, 2018 – December 2, 2019:

Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8, 2018 for the first time in 12 years. The planet of expansion just left the hot n heavy sign of Scorpio, and Saturn has left the sign of Sagittarius for its own sign of Capricorn, meaning that there’s nothing stopping Jupiter now

Well, except a square from Mars in Pisces, but that won’t stop Jupiter: Jupiter tends to expand what it touches, and when squared to a plant, it exaggerates. There will be a lot of movement (Mars), activity (Mars), sex (hopefully!), and a lot of energy to our celebration, but it may go too far and last too long. However, because Mars is in Pisces, it’s energy is subverted, and we may not realize that we’ve been partying too hard until we’re lying on the lawn, holding onto a blade of grass so we don’t fall off the Earth, having no idea just how much we drank that evening.

Jupiter is the planet of luck!

Wherever Jupiter is transiting in your chart is where it will bring expansion, opportunity, luck, and optimism. It may be a welcome sigh of relief, since Saturn occupied that house for three years. Saturn is the planet of restriction, discipline, learning the hard way, and patience. Now, all your hard work should be rewarded (I hope)!

Jupiter in Sagittarius in the houses:

1st house:

You’ll have an overall more optimistic outlook and attract luck again. People will think of you as jovial and generous, if not a little excessive. However, people will generally like you more and want to help you out.

2nd house:

Money, money, money! You’ll see your talents, income, and personal wealth increase. You may become a bit obsessive with having more money though. You may also find a lot of pleasure in shopping and the good life.

3rd house:

Your ideas and conversations turn more philosophical and optimistic, and you’ll want to find common ground OR stand your ground more than ever. You may be a bit of a blowhard, but your sense of humor is great.

4th house:

For those in the position to do so, this could mean gaining family, such as having children or gaining grandchildren. Grandparents will be important. You may move far away and/or into a bigger home.

5th house:

Your self-expression will be very important, and your creativity will spill over into everything. You want to have fun, and while it may be difficult to focus on work, you may find opportunities come through play and self-expression.

6th house:

Sure, this could mean more work, but it may also mean better, happier work, better health, and a more positive overall routine. People will appreciate you more, and you have the capacity to be more productive.

7th house:

This could be the year you get married or meet the One. It can also mean that your partners are more generous and optimistic. You want to give more, and in return, you get more. Your heart is open now.

8th house:

This is an auspicious time for investing, because you can gain a lot. However, you can also be too optimistic about something too risky. Avoid gambling, tempting as it is. The more you invest, the more you get back in return.

9th house:

You may get the opportunity to get higher education, travel, or focus on your personal philosophy about life. Writers may find that this is the year they’re published or published more widely. You can predict the future, too.

10th house:

This is great for careers and status. Your reputation improves, and you get noticed. This is the law of attraction in practice. You draw in people because you make them feel good and important, and so you become important.

11th house:

This could be the year that your hopes and wishes come true. You dream big — perhaps bigger than your talent allows — but it all starts with a dream. You have faith in the universe and in other people, and they in turn have faith in you.

12th house:

You may not feel as generous as you actually are, and may not know why people like you. You may feel that you’re restricted in some way even though others see you gaining. You are growing in ways you won’t realize until next year when it all comes together.

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