Spirits of the Dead Are Still Here: Three Ways to Know

Spirits leave the bodies of the dead, but they don’t always leave Earth or this plane of existence. #1: Spirits make noises (but which noises)? Spirits make noises, but they’re rarely loud or obnoxious. In fact, you’ve probably heard them and mistaken them for something else. Perhaps you heard a whisper and attributed it to

Why Soul Mates Sometimes Leave (Even Though You Love Them)

Oh, soul mates! You meet, and you think it’s destiny. It certainly feels like fate, doesn’t it? It may very well be fate. Perhaps they came at the very right time. Were you lonely? Did you need a special friend? Was it simply by chance? Perhaps you met in early childhood. Perhaps you met when

Careers for Psychic People (Beyond Being a Professional Psychic)

Do you have psychic gifts but aren’t sure what careers are good for you? You may have thought about becoming a spiritual worker, but there’s more to choose from. There’s plenty of typical vocations where psychically sensitive people can shine. Read on and see if something sparks your interest. Psychics, tarot card readers, mediums, and