Is Cedric Grant Bouchard Real?

1) Is Cedric Grant Bouchard real?

I assure you that I am very much real. I always have been real. But seriously: I am a real psychic, and I am really the person giving your reading. I grew up in the North County in New York. Even though I was raised to be psychic, I didn’t actually start working as a psychic until I had already finished college. I’ve worked with a variety of people all over the country, doing psychic readings, reading tarot cards, and giving astrology sessions. Due to a combination of getting tired of travel and the Internet promising better returns, I put down stakes in South Florida and moved most of my practice (90%; I still get some walk-ins and work face-to-face with some long-time and high-profile clients) online.

2) What’s it like getting a free psychic reading from Cedric Grant Bouchard?

A free reading is like getting a mini-view into the universe’s Master Plan and advice from someone who can see the possibilities the future may bring. It may be shocking, upsetting, or startling. It can also be refreshing, reassuring, and intriguing. A lot of people have a mix of emotions when facing their own future.

I try to be as helpful as I can. I really don’t think it’s much good to simple state that something will happen and to not offer any advice. I’m psychic, but I’ve also been around the block before. Helping is more than dazzling people with what I know.

3) What’s it like getting a paid psychic reading from Cedric Grant Bouchard?

This is a more comprehensive, holistic view of things. It’s like a free readings, but much bigger. This is a journey into your future and into the possibilities that are before you right in that moment. I can set aside time to go more in depth. I can also answer more specific questions because I have the time and ability to look for specific things.

If a free reading is like a song, a psychic reading is like a symphony. For example, a love reading is easy. I can do a basic love reading for free. Want to know if you and so-and-so are compatible? How about if so-and-so feels the same about you? I know exactly what to look for, because people in love look and feel the same way all the time. Something more complicated, like a marriage and longevity reading? I have to look further, interpret the divine, search, and make sense of many different images, signs, and symbols. I can see a lot possibilities, nuances, obstacles, and blessings.

4) Where can I read reviews of Cedric Grant Bouchard?

Now that I’m working almost exclusively online, I’ve been keeping kudos and thanks I get from people. I’m always interested in hearing how the readings have gone, not only just right after the reading, but days, weeks, or even months down the line when the thing foretold have come to pass.

I’ve gotten permission from clients to post their testimonials and reviews here, many of which I have compiled over the years. Feel free to submit your own as well! .

5) Does Cedric Grant Bouchard have a phone number?

You can call my business line for any customer service issues.

I don’t do phone readings. Believe me, I’ve tried, but it just doesn’t mesh with my life. First, I hate being stuck on the phone, and I hate the sound of it ringing. Second, it’s much easier to work with an international clientele through writing than it is to use the phone, no matter how good the technology gets. Time zones, dropped Skype calls, etc.: less stress for me means better readings for you.

Now, I also refuse to have a pay psychic line. Remember the 1-900 numbers of the 80’s and 90’s and what a scam they were? Nowadays, you can charge a credit card per minute for psychic calls. You call and the minutes start tolling. You get connected to a psychic. The psychic starts talking. Then, you get hit up to pay more money. If you pay, the psychic tells you a little more, and so on and so forth. This is unfair, and I’ve heard too many horror stories from clients who spent too much on fake or scamming psychics through phone calls.

5a) However

If you are needing to reach me for customer related issues or have questions about readings or work with law enforcement and need help with a cold case. You can always reach out to me here. 1-888-974-6056 . Please note that I do not do readings on this line, this is mainly to help existing customers 🙂

6) Is This Some Sort of Scam?

This is no sort of scam. This is why I offer you a free reading. Even though psychics and psychic readings are commonplace and approachable to me, I understand that others may not feel that way. I also understand that clients place a lot of trust in psychics, and a lot of trust in me. I respect that, and I’m honored that people trust me to help them.

Yes, I am psychic, but no, I’m not going to give you the usual line of “I always knew I was psychic and meant to help people and I always felt called to this journey,” because that would be a lie. As I’ve explained in my book, I never wanted to be a psychic when I was younger. I wanted to be a regular person, doing regular people things, not sticking out like a sore thumb. I had no intention of going into the family business. I didn’t choose it though; it chose me, and as an adult, I accepted that this is what the universe wanted from me.

The most precious thing I have at this age is time, and I give that to you to ensure you understand that I am indeed a psychic here to help. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and offering you a free reading.

  1. Linh Chi Nguyen Reply

    Thank You!!

  2. Jayme Reply

    I know you talk to me. I wish I knew who was my soulmate. It’s hard to believe any guy will like me. Never had a boyfriend.

  3. Isabel Reply

    Dear Cedric you have sent me a card reading before and I thought you we right on the dot I’ve been having some issues with the way I’ve been feeling and thinking I am a mother of 4 and a wife but the only one working right now I feel that if I don’t get help I might loose my mind I’m scared but can’t show it I don’t know were to turn but I know that if I ask you for help I might get it thank you I hope this reaches you .

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