Halloween Customs and Their Ghostly Origins

Halloween customs have meaning. We may think of Halloween customs as being simply part of the fun and games of dressing up and celebrating the macabre. However, these ancient customs have sometimes very serious meanings. Yet, many of them have been adopted and incorporated into modern culture. Costumes: Costuming and walking around dressed in costumes

Samhain: The origins of Halloween?

Samhain: Ancient Celtic Holiday to Honor the Dead You may have noticed that I haven’t posted too many Halloween-related things. This was not my intention. However, I absolutely love Halloween the older I get. However, I also have to brace myself, because Samhain brings interesting things. See, Halloween, or Samhain, or All Hallow’s Eve, is

Soul Homes: Your Relocation Chart

Moving? Try a relocation chart. What’s a relocation chart? Sometimes, you can bloom where you’re planted. Some people have very lucky or fortunate charts. They can thrive where they’re born or raised and have no desire to leave. However, others can’t bloom where they’re planted. There’s usually something wrong with their lives, and you can

Ancestral Homelands: Connections to Places

What are you ancestral homelands? The Germans have a word for it: fernweh, the longing for a place you have never been. You may have felt it. It can be a longing for a place near you, the way I had a longing for South Florida since I was a child. It can also be

Ghost Animals — Tails from the Past

Ghost Animals: are they for real? There’s tales of ghostly animals haunting places, even talking to people. Sometimes, it’s a dead pet that comes back. Other times, it’s a farm animal. Yet, other times, it’s one that could have lived in the surrounding forest. Still other times, it’s a mysterious animal, and no one is

How Do You Apologize to the Dead?

How do you apologize to the dead? I was recently asked by a distraught young woman how she could apologize to the dead. It was someone who is now deceased. She’s letting me tell you her backstory. She didn’t like her freshman college roommate. They were people from two different worlds. While this woman struggled

The Weirdest Questions I’ve Ever Been Asked (and the Answers), Part II

In Part I, I started answering some of the weirdest questions I’ve been asked as a psychic. In this part, the questions just get weirder. The Weirdest Questions I’ve Been Asked (So Far): Q: Can you go back in time? Can you do x, y, z thing for me in the past so my future is

The Strangest Questions I’ve Ever Been Asked (and the Answers)

Strangest Questions, Strangest Answers? As a professional psychic, I’m often asked questions that may seem…strange. These may be questions people wouldn’t normally ask of people. They may be questions that people wouldn’t even think to ask of other people. Some of them, when you step back, are actually rather amusing. Yet, some of them are