Thanksgiving Predictions For the Signs

Happy Thanksgiving! Even though I’m an Upstate New York boy by heart, I have gotten used to Thanksgiving in South Florida. This year, however, we’re all once again in New York State to have Thanksgiving at my oldest’s sons and his wife’s farmhouse. It’s a real blast of the past for me, watching my grandkids

Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018 – 2019 in the Houses

Jupiter in Sagittarius: November 8, 2018 – December 2, 2019: Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8, 2018 for the first time in 12 years. The planet of expansion just left the hot n heavy sign of Scorpio, and Saturn has left the sign of Sagittarius for its own sign of Capricorn, meaning that there’s nothing

Soul Homes: Your Relocation Chart

Moving? Try a relocation chart. What’s a relocation chart? Sometimes, you can bloom where you’re planted. Some people have very lucky or fortunate charts. They can thrive where they’re born or raised and have no desire to leave. However, others can’t bloom where they’re planted. There’s usually something wrong with their lives, and you can

Horary Astrology: Asking the Universe a Question

What’s horary astrology? Horary astrology is a form of divination using astrology. Ask the universe a question. Then, look up or draw up an astrological chart for that exact moment that you asked the question. You can then determine by the chart what the answer is. This form of divination is as old as astrology

Solar Return: Predicting Your Year with Astrology

What’s a solar return? First, to understand a solar return, one has to understand predictive astrology. Astrology can predict the future… …to a certain degree. It can predict possible situations or circumstances, but not necessarily every possible thing that could come up. It can’t predict whether or not a person will take opportunities, either. However,

Saturn Enters Capricorn: What Does it Mean?

Saturn, the planet of restriction, responsibility, maturity, and aging, entered Capricorn on December 19th, 2017. This planet is the natural ruler of the sign Capricorn. Saturn in Sagittarius Saturn tends to limit what it touches. For the last three years, it has been in Sagittarius, where it has limited our enthusiasm, optimism, and vision. It has solidified religious

Astrology for Gifts: Holiday Gifts by the Star Signs, Part II (Gift Astrology Series)

You Can Use Gift Astrology to Shop for the Holidays! This is Part II of a two-part series on gift astrology and using astrology to find the right gift. You can find Part I here.  Gift Astrology, by Sign, Libra through Pisces: Libra: diplomatic, sociable, flirty, fair Suggestions: Libra likes pretty things, but they can’t choose, so a gift