Abuse and Psychic Ability: Which Came First?

*** Trigger Warning: This post is going to discuss abuse and trauma.*** Abuse is endemic in our culture. I have spoken to too many clients who are suffering. So many people need healing. Children come into the world and they are hurt by those who should protect them. Much of the time, the children are

Scanning: Remote Sensing and…Surprises

Scanning? Scanning is a practice of reading or sensing someone remote, far away, or otherwise not connected to the reader. While it’s often only a view into someone’s psyche, it can provide a lot of details. It can show all sorts of things, from what a person is doing at the time, to their memories, to

Transformation and Alchemy, Part II of II

This article on transformation is Part II of a two-part series. What is transformation? Transformation is the process of changing what is on the inside at a fundamental, intrinsic level in order to change the outer world. As a psychic, I predict what is to come. However, one fundamental misunderstanding of psychic ability is that

Alchemy: The Ancient Art of Transformation, Part I

Alchemy is the art of turning one thing into another. You may know of alchemy as an ancient, medieval pseudoscience. Turning base metals into gold is one type of alchemical process. However, there is so much more to it than that. It’s the process of turning one thing into something very different by changing the

Psychic Children and Their Abilities, Part II

This topic on psychic children is a continuation of Part I. Psychic children suffer, too. Perhaps the biggest drawback of childrens’ natural psychic ability is the ability to attract all kinds of things, good or bad. Children take things at face value. An imaginary friend that tells them to do something bad or harmful may not

Psychic Kids, or Just Wild Imaginations? Part I

Psychic kids are real. I was one of them. I was born psychic. This is an almost hereditary trait. However, I was also encouraged to develop my psychic ability whereas most children (unfortunately) are not. In fact, most psychic kids are discouraged from exploring their abilities. Yet, all children are naturally psychic. We know this

Curses Are Real, But They’re Not What You Think

Curses are real. Curses are as old as civilization. However, they’re really not older than civilization, since most of the mechanism of a curse relies on people living together in groups. You may read about agrarian villages where people believe that a witch cursed their cattle or crops, and that the only way to lift