Curses Are Real, But They’re Not What You Think

Curses are real.

Curses are as old as civilization. However, they’re really not older than civilization, since most of the mechanism of a curse relies on people living together in groups. You may read about agrarian villages where people believe that a witch cursed their cattle or crops, and that the only way to lift the curse is to kill the witch. This leads to many innocent people being slaughtered and no curses being lifted.

Curses can’t be lifted by killing the curser, but they can be intensified by killing an innocent person in the name of curse removal.

What is a curse?

A curse is an intentional or unintentional casting of bad energy toward someone, a way of disgorging one’s bad feelings and placing them on another. Once they attach, they tend to attract misfortune. The Evil Eye is one such curse, and in cultures that believe in it, jealousy is the cause.

Curses can be reaping what you sow.

I had a client who called me concerned. Her father had a rare type of cancer in his left shoulder and was scheduled to get the entire thing removed. He’d be left with a left arm, but not one he could raise. She was conflicted. Her father had always been abusive and violent, but he hit with his left hand instead of his right so he wouldn’t accidentally hit the kids so hard they’d end up with an injury that would call attention to the abuse at home. She had always hated him. She would pray for his death, or for him to leave the family, until she was old enough to get away.

Now, she knew he was in pain, and that he would be disabled. However, she couldn’t help but feel grateful that the hand he would always raise in anger and malice toward small children could never be raised at anyone else again.

This was before the surgery. She wanted to know if I could lift the curse. I asked her if she wanted me to actually do that. On one hand, she feels less guilty. On the other hand, the damage was done. He wouldn’t have gotten cancer had he lived a healthier lifestyle. She couldn’t fix that.

He had the surgery. Now, he’s meek.

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