Twin Flame or Soul Mate: What’s the Difference?

Twin Flame or Soul Mate? Too often, people throw these words around as if they’re the same thing. A twin flame is a soul mate, but a soul mate doesn’t have to be a twin flame. Isn’t a twin flame just a really incredible soul mate? No. They’re two different things entirely.  Twin flames are always

Twins and Their Psychic Connection

Twins are on the same wavelength. Twins have a well-known psychic connection, whether they’re identical or fraternal. Many can often read the other’s thoughts and know the other’s emotions. However, the most interesting thing about them is that they don’t actually have to get along or even like each other and still have that bond.

Balance the Dark and Light Sides of Each Sun Sign

Most astrologers don’t want to discuss the dark side of each sign, but they’re there. Truthfully, most clients don’t ever want to own up to their own dark sides, and you never get more pushback when doing a reading than when you mention that a person is somehow, *possibly* less than perfect. Yet, we all

The Best Color for Each Astrological Sign

What’s your best color? Each astrological sign is associated with a color, reflecting the vibrations of the sign.  People have a tendency to prefer the colors associated with the Sun sign, moon sign, Venus sign, or Ascendant. An astrologer can help you determine what signs your Sun, Moon, Venus, and Ascendant are in. However, if

Crystals for Psychic and Cosmic Energy

Gaze into my crystal ball… In the past, “crystal balls” really were made from clear quartz crystal. Crystals of all types can enhance psychic ability and channel different energies. People have known about crystal energy from ancient times. They’re loved for their beauty and their ability to channel cosmic energy. Magickal workers, lightworkers, psychics, and