The Best Color for Each Astrological Sign

What’s your best color?

Each astrological sign is associated with a color, reflecting the vibrations of the sign.  People have a tendency to prefer the colors associated with the Sun sign, moon sign, Venus sign, or Ascendant. An astrologer can help you determine what signs your Sun, Moon, Venus, and Ascendant are in. However, if you already know, read on to find out which colors represent your sign.

Make the Most of Your Colors

Do you wear black when you want to come off as serious? Do you wear red when you want to be seen as passionate or sexy, and do you wear pink when you want to look feminine? How about white to show innocence or purity (such as a white wedding dress)? We wear colors to convey certain traits. Each sign has certain traits and colors that best reflect those traits. Thus, if you want to seem more expressive, wear your Sun’s colors. If you want to get more in touch with your personal aesthetic, wear your ascendant’s colors. Want to feel sexy and attractive? Wear your Venus sign’s colors?

How about your Moon color? Ah — that’s your default. It makes you feel secure. It’s your “safe color” (Yes, people with the Moon in Aries choose red as a safe color!)

Astrological signs and the colors:

Aries: Red

Red is blood, passion, fight, fire, and ignition.

Taurus: Green

Green is life, plants, the Earth, serenity, and calm.

Gemini: Yellow

Yellow is excitement, movement, activity, and awakenings (think Spring)

Cancer: Silver

Silver is ancient, heirloom, old (think of silver hair), classic, durable

Leo: Gold

Gold is flashy, expensive, showy, shiny, warm, desired.

Virgo: Beige

Beige is dependable, fades into the background, durable, and utilitarian.

Libra: Pink

Pink is soft, charming, sociable, bubbly, and approachable.

Scorpio: Magenta

Magenta is mystery, sexiness, depth, curious, and a little dangerous.

Sagittarius: Indigo

Indigo is intellectual, travels (think of indigo as a traded dye), enduring, mutable (like jeans).

Capricorn: Black

Black is stable, classic, authoritarian, and aloof.

Aquarius: Ultramarine

Ultramarine is shocking, bright, eye-catching, hard to ignore, and fits in nowhere natural.

Pisces: Sea Green

Sea green is serene, deep, a mix of blue and green, watery, enchanted, and dreamy.

Of course, there’s more colors for each sign. An astrologer can help you further (for example, who wears purple best?)

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