Nightmares Have Psychic Meaning, But What?

Nightmares are a special gateway into the soul. What’s in a dream? More specifically, what makes a nightmare different from a dream? A nightmare is a dream that scares. I’m not convinced that some people never have nightmares. Rather, I think they just don’t react to their dreams with fear and/or they don’t remember them.

Little Psychic Things: Everyday Psychic Experiences

 Everyday Psychic Experiences: have you ever experienced any of these? Most psychic experiences are not big events, but everyday psychic experiences. In fact, most of the spontaneous psychic experiences that psychics have are small ones. This goes for the experiences we have while working and the ones we have just living our lives. Most of my

The Empress Tarot Card of the Major Arcana

What’s the Empress Card? So, I started writing about the major arcana, choosing a random card to write about. Last time, I wrote about the Wheel of Fortune.. This week, I’ve chosen the Empress card, as her Benevolence is showing up in my personal readings lately. The Empress card is the 3rd card in the major arcana. It comes between The

Paid Reading: Why Do I Have to Pay for Psychic Services?

Many people hate the idea of a paid reading. Like many psychics, I will do some free readings, but all of these will hopefully lead to a paid reading. However, I work as a full-time psychic. I don’t like in a psychic community where I can offset the costs by doing events and tours, nor

Crystal Healing and Crystal Magick: A How-To Guide

Crystals have fascinated humans since antiquity. Back before glass or dyes, brightly-colored, shiny rocks held a particular fascination for humans. Some became gemstones purely for decoration. However, any crystal channel healing or magick energy. Crystals are conduits of cosmic and psychic energy. I like to leave a few crystals by my table when I work.