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Abuse and Psychic Ability: Which Came First?

*** Trigger Warning: This post is going to discuss abuse and trauma.*** Abuse is endemic in our culture. I have spoken to too many clients who are suffering. So many people need healing. Children come into the world and they are hurt by those who should protect them. Much of the time, the children are

Little Psychic Things: Everyday Psychic Experiences

 Everyday Psychic Experiences: have you ever experienced any of these? Most psychic experiences are not big events, but everyday psychic experiences. In fact, most of the spontaneous psychic experiences that psychics have are small ones. This goes for the experiences we have while working and the ones we have just living our lives. Most of my

Classical Music Can Make You More Psychic

Classical music is a 1,600 old genre ubiquitous in the Western world. From television and movie scores to symphonies, even people who think they don’t like classical music like some form of it, or some music inspired by it. For example, you’ve probably hear Pachelbel’s Canon in D, if not the actual composition, but in

Moon Phases and Psychic Abilities

The moon represents instinct, emotions, and psychic abilities in astrology. Where it was when you were born by sign and house, and the aspects it makes to other planets, can show how psychic you are, and which gifts you have. However, no one’s psychic ability is strong all the time. Often, psychic ability waxes and