Twin Flame or Soul Mate: What’s the Difference?

Twin Flame or Soul Mate?

Too often, people throw these words around as if they’re the same thing. A twin flame is a soul mate, but a soul mate doesn’t have to be a twin flame.

Isn’t a twin flame just a really incredible soul mate?

No. They’re two different things entirely. 

Twin flames are always soul mates, but soul mates aren’t always twin flames.

A soul mate is a soul with whom your soul has shared karma through previous lives or lives. Sometimes, they fall in love and get married. In fact, everyone anyone has ever married is more likely than not a soul mate. However, that doesn’t mean they’re twin flames.

Soul mates can be anyone in our lives. Soul mates often show up in our families as siblings, and it’s true that may current siblings were once spouses in past lives. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re twin flames or that they ever were twin flames.

Many happy couples may not actually be twin flames, even if they are soul mates.

Twin flames don’t have to share romantic love at all.

What’s the difference?

The difference is that a soul mate is a separate soul with whom someone has a strong connection, but a twin flame is part of the same soul.

Twin flames occur when a soul splits, multiples, or reproduces. We know something about the twin flame phenomenon from antiquity. For example, Jesus and Jehovah are twin flames. They don’t have romantic love, but a strong bond. One can do spiritual acts for the other. Another example is Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman, the famous couple who found each other, became one, and lived a new life together as one unit. They were a romantic couple, but they were as one.

No, you’re not the same person or the same soul in the way we normally understand it. Look at it this way: your soul is a color, a beam of light, or a note of music. The twin flame’s soul is a beam of light the same color or the same note of music. They’re not things, and they’re not tangible. They’re two of the same instance.

Soul mates aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, either.

Soul mates, in and of themselves, are people with whom we have karmic ties. This includes bad karma. The sibling we could never get along with or ever forgive was probably not someone we loved much, but rather someone we were familiar with. After all, we incarnate into what’s familiar, not into what’s new. After all, the souls of people are no wiser than the people themselves.

Twin flames are familiar, but because they’re part of our souls.

The familiarity between twin flames is more than soul mates. Soul mates are drawn to each other because they recognize each other. However, twin flame come to each other because it feels like becoming another person.


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