twin flames

Twin Flame or Soul Mate: What’s the Difference?

Twin Flame or Soul Mate? Too often, people throw these words around as if they’re the same thing. A twin flame is a soul mate, but a soul mate doesn’t have to be a twin flame. Isn’t a twin flame just a really incredible soul mate? No. They’re two different things entirely.  Twin flames are always

Twins and Their Psychic Connection

Twins are on the same wavelength. Twins have a well-known psychic connection, whether they’re identical or fraternal. Many can often read the other’s thoughts and know the other’s emotions. However, the most interesting thing about them is that they don’t actually have to get along or even like each other and still have that bond.

Why Soul Mates Sometimes Leave (Even Though You Love Them)

Oh, soul mates! You meet, and you think it’s destiny. It certainly feels like fate, doesn’t it? It may very well be fate. Perhaps they came at the very right time. Were you lonely? Did you need a special friend? Was it simply by chance? Perhaps you met in early childhood. Perhaps you met when