Twins and Their Psychic Connection

Twins are on the same wavelength.

Twins have a well-known psychic connection, whether they’re identical or fraternal. Many can often read the other’s thoughts and know the other’s emotions. However, the most interesting thing about them is that they don’t actually have to get along or even like each other and still have that bond.

This is unusual, given that for everyone else, love seems to precede the bond, and that biology has to factor in. Yet, even fraternal twins are psychically close.

Womb Bond

It can be said that twins, because they share the womb, share parts of the soul. In many cultures, particularly Balinese traditional culture, male and female babies from the same birth were believed to be spouses reincarnated, and would often be married to each other to preserve that bond. While we don’t go so far as to say they should marry, it’s very plausible that they were very close in a previous life.

Yet, this doesn’t explain same-sex pairs, who probably weren’t married (though not impossible, if they were once gay lovers who were twin flames who literally decided to become twins in the next life). Surely, they were not lovers, or were not all lovers. This also doesn’t explain the psychic closeness of the ones who didn’t develop from the same fertilized egg.

The explanation is scientific, though. Consider how a mother has a psychic bond with her children.

DNA-swapping from Amniotic Fluid

When a baby is in the womb, it shares DNA with the mother, above and beyond the sharing parents do when they provide gametes (sperm and egg) to make a baby. Some parts of the baby’s unique DNA stays in the mother, and some of the mother’s unique DNA stays in the baby. It gets into their brains. This is scientifically documented. This is how a mother’s intuition works: she just “knows” what’s up with her children because part of her children are always with her in her brain. As her child ages, the part of her child in her brain ages, too. Likewise, the child has some of the mother’s DNA in her.

Thus, identical twins, who have all the same DNA, are linked, but moreover: they swap cells in the womb, perhaps even more than the mother and the child. Twins are born with each other’s DNA all throughout each other’s bodies. Each twin may have separate DNA, but they have the other twin’s DNA inside of them, including in their brains.

Perhaps this is why even fraternal twins have a strong psychic bond?

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