Balance the Dark and Light Sides of Each Sun Sign

Most astrologers don’t want to discuss the dark side of each sign, but they’re there. Truthfully, most clients don’t ever want to own up to their own dark sides, and you never get more pushback when doing a reading than when you mention that a person is somehow, *possibly* less than perfect. Yet, we all are. For all our graces, we have faults, too, and the only way to reconcile them is to find balance.

Balance? Isn’t that a Libra Thing?

Ok, true, but even Scorpio, the sign of extremes, and Sagittarius, the sign of you-can-never-have-too-much-of-a-good-thing, need balance. Moreover, every sign can go from one negative to one positive, one dark to one light, on a spectrum of behaviors and attitudes.

The signs, their extremes, and finding a balance:

Aries: enterprising or hostile

Reconcile: Expect to get pushback or learn to accept that there will be obstacles in many forms, and this si just part of life. Not everything is about you, and that most people don’t do what they do simply to make your life harder, such tat there’s a better way to deal with problems than going on the attack.

Taurus: serene or slothful

Reconcile: While it’s good to be gentle and patient, there are times when one is called to act, and denial does no one any good. You can get used to many things, including a rut, and choosing to not rock the boat and let things get worse will only eventually ruin the tranquility you so desire.

Gemini: witty or garrulous

Reconcile: The desire to share ideas is noble, but consider quality over quantity. It’s one thing to share ideas, and another to communicate simply because you’re afraid of silence or of being alone with thoughts you’re not sure about. Read other’s clues to know when it may be time to be quiet or change the subject.

Cancer: protective or reactive

Reconcile: While sensitivity is a good trait, and love is not just indulgence but taking care of those you love, being on the lookout for insults or offenses where none exist doesn’t actually protect everyone. Most things aren’t about you or about the people you love.

Leo: tasteful or tacky

Reconcile: The need to be self-expressive with the mere need to be seen. Both come from a desire to put one’s self out into the world, but the prior comes from within, while the need to be seen comes from the outside in.

Virgo: thorough or pedantic

Reconcile: While it may pain you to live in a world where most people don’t have your attention to detail, realize that this is your gift, and that you have an ability that most don’t have. It’s easier to capitalize on this than to chide others for overlooking the things obvious to you.

Libra: fair or helpless

Reconcile: It can be painful to think that by choosing one thing that you’re hurting another, but the vast majority of things in your life aren’t Sophie’s Choice-type dilemmas. You may be tempted to let others do the heavy-lifting for you, but that only trains them to treat you as if you can’t make decisions at all.

Scorpio: intuitive or paranoid.

Reconcile: You sense things most people can’t or refuse to see. At the same time, you may get so used to dealing with things through your intuition that you suspect everyone and everything. Not all ulterior motives are diabolical, even if they could possibly be.

Sagittarius: philosophical or fanatical

Reconcile: Another extreme is being amoral; this sign can get so lost in how things could be that it forgets that there are real people in real situations dealing with their own fears. Avoid thinking you’re smarter or wiser than the rest of the world.

Capricorn: tactful or scheming

Reconcile: You’re the master of long-term plans. You also know how to make decisions well and how to not let fear rule you. However, you can detach from the world so much that you may not realize when you’re hurting or using other people. Remember that you’re a person, too.

Aquarius: trailblazing or destructive

Reconcile: Understand that not everyone thinks like you or can see as far into the future as you do. You want change, but you may not think about how it impacts you and others. Consider the utility of the change or the new thing you want before implementing it.

Pisces: introspective or escapist

Reconcile: You can see the rich beauty of the world, even if it’s only in your own head. The problem is that just because it’s better in your mind doesn’t mean you can bodily live in it. Make the material world a better place by applying the things you can imagine.

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