Ghost Animals — Tails from the Past

Ghost Animals: are they for real? There’s tales of ghostly animals haunting places, even talking to people. Sometimes, it’s a dead pet that comes back. Other times, it’s a farm animal. Yet, other times, it’s one that could have lived in the surrounding forest. Still other times, it’s a mysterious animal, and no one is

Ouija Boards: Why This Psychic Says “Never Again!”

Ouija Boards? Halloween and All Soul’s Day, and the Day of the Dead of all come to pass. These are usually the days that people are most interested and contacting spirits. They made do it for the thrill. They may do it because they sincerely want to reach someone on the other side. Of course,

What’s a Poltergeist? A Few Ideas

Poltergeist! Help! What exactly is a poltergeist? Poltergeist is German for “noisy ghost.” They’re known to throw things, make noises, and even hurt people. They destroy property and cause fear. These beings also tend to exist where there are children, causing terror and strife in our young ones. Poltergeists, however, may not be the troublesome