The Strangest Questions I’ve Ever Been Asked (and the Answers)

Strangest Questions, Strangest Answers? As a professional psychic, I’m often asked questions that may seem…strange. These may be questions people wouldn’t normally ask of people. They may be questions that people wouldn’t even think to ask of other people. Some of them, when you step back, are actually rather amusing. Yet, some of them are

Predictions for 2018 for Each Sign, Part II

Here are the rest of my predictions for 2018 (if you’re looking for Aries through Virgo, you can find them in Part I here): Predictions for 2018 for each sign: Libra: You may have felt that your fate laid in giving others what they wanted and allowing others to do their own thing. However, as the

What’s a Poltergeist? A Few Ideas

Poltergeist! Help! What exactly is a poltergeist? Poltergeist is German for “noisy ghost.” They’re known to throw things, make noises, and even hurt people. They destroy property and cause fear. These beings also tend to exist where there are children, causing terror and strife in our young ones. Poltergeists, however, may not be the troublesome

Synchronicity: What is It, and How Can It Work for Me?

Psychics, magick workers, and light workers experience and try to create synchronicity. Ever had deja vu? If so, you have experienced something like synchronicity. Synchronicity is an event in which what one experiences internally manifests externally. It’s not like deja vu in that it’s a look into the future, but rather a manifestation of the

Avoid Psychic Scams

6 Foolproof Ways to Avoid Psychic Scams Unfortunately, there are scam artists for every profession, and for psychics, there are plenty. Word-of-mouth, ratings, and professional associations may tell you more about whether a psychic is legitimate or not. A psychic puts themselves out into the world as a professional and should conduct themselves as a