Predictions for 2018 for Each Sign, Part II

Here are the rest of my predictions for 2018 (if you’re looking for Aries through Virgo, you can find them in Part I here):

Predictions for 2018 for each sign:

Libra: You may have felt that your fate laid in giving others what they wanted and allowing others to do their own thing. However, as the year goes on, you feel more like breaking out from these relationships and commitments and forging your own path. You want to be the alpha, and you’ll seek relationships that let you do so.

Scorpio: This year begins with a lot of luck. Even if previous years have you feeling down, you have some opportunities coming your way. Consider what you could do if you would never fail and go for it. You have the grit and the patience to get what you want…which you may get, come hell or high water.

Sagittarius: Saturn has left your sign and you’re starting to feel relieved. You may have had to work longer, harder, and without reward for quite a long time, but now, you should be reaping the rewards, including financial rewards. Save your money, as you may find that your living situation changes this year.

Capricorn: You’ve come into your element this year. While everyone else is worried and scared, you’re strong, steady, and focused. Long-term plans are made and met, discreetly. You can achieve a lot this year, even if you have to go at things alone. It is lonely at the top, but hey: someone’s gotta be at the top.

Aquarius: This year, you start to feel less like you’re rebelling for rebellion’s sake, and more interested in the outcomes. You want to reap actual rewards and get things of actual value. You may not realize how powerful you really are, but others definitely see the power in you. Let them fear or admire you.

Pisces: This year still feels a little like a dream, and you hope for the best. You may be a part of something much bigger than yourself that brings about a serious change, though you ultimately do it for your family and the future of your community. This where you find your importance.

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