Ghost Animals — Tails from the Past

Ghost Animals: are they for real?

There’s tales of ghostly animals haunting places, even talking to people. Sometimes, it’s a dead pet that comes back. Other times, it’s a farm animal. Yet, other times, it’s one that could have lived in the surrounding forest. Still other times, it’s a mysterious animal, and no one is quite sure what it is. Sometimes, the animal appears to speak to people, and other times, it behaves strictly like an animal.

Ghost pets

Still, some believe that beloved pets can come back to visit their previous owners. There are reports that people have witnessed their pet’s toys or bed move on it’s own, or have been cuddled or rubbed against by something invisible.

I myself think that I encountered a ghost animal when a beloved pet goat died. I grew up on a dairy farm, and this gelding was allowed to live as a pet. He was a companion of mine, as much as a goat could be. He would walk up to the kitchen window in the morning when he knew I was there. However, a coyote got into his shelter one night and killed him.

Still, I swear I could hear the sound of him walking up to the kitchen window for months after, and even once heard him years later when I came home from college to visit.

Other ghost animals

Yet, other encounters with ghost animals are not as comforting. Sometimes, spirits may come in the form of an animal. There is a belief that spirit animals are not actually animals at all, but other beings posing as animals. Others believe that the ghost animals may actually be demons or other malevolent spirits here to harm or terrorize people. There’s no consensus.

Have you ever encountered a ghostly animal?

If you have, you may not even know it. However, there are tales of people regularly encountering ghost animals. For example, many people have seen ghost horses at a forest preserve in the suburbs of Chicago, and there are people who have even been haunted by supernatural spirit animals.

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