Crystals for Psychic and Cosmic Energy

Gaze into my crystal ball…

In the past, “crystal balls” really were made from clear quartz crystal. Crystals of all types can enhance psychic ability and channel different energies. People have known about crystal energy from ancient times. They’re loved for their beauty and their ability to channel cosmic energy. Magickal workers, lightworkers, psychics, and divinators use them for all sorts of things.

Some people use them for healing, while some use them to connect to the god or goddess of their choice. Others use them to channel psychic energy. Others use them to ward off evil spirits or to attract kind or helpful ones. Some use them to attract certain types of energy or desired things, like love, money, or success.

What are crystals?

Crystals form naturally in the earth. They’re mineral substances or compounds in which the molecules are tightly, uniformly aligned in geometric patterns. Snowflakes are crystals, and so are diamonds, quartz, rubies, and salt. Almost every gemstone is a crystal. Did you ever eat rock candy as a kid? Those are sugar crystals!

These can represent any of the four elements, but they are definitely a type of Earth energy, or a mixture of Earth (because they’re material and come from the Earth itself) and air (because they channel divine wisdom and psychic energy).

Crystals can channel any type of energy

Due to the molecular structure, crystals can channel all sorts of cosmic energy. The energy they attract can depend on the color, the crystal structure, what planets they’re associated with, or what god or goddess. Most of what we know about them is inherited from the ancients. For example, amethyst can protect and help channel spirits. Diamonds can help create clarity, but as humans value them more and more, they can also channel wealth energy.

Crystals can also be very unique to the specific person. This can depend on the person’s astrological sign, their needs and desires, and their karma. For example, sapphires are lucky for Libras, but they can also be beneficial to people who want to learn to love more. Aquamarines are good for Pisces, but they’re also good for people who want to develop a stronger imagination and learn to become more detached from the material world.

A psychic with crystal knowledge can help you determine which one is best for you.


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