Career:Questions for Psychics #3

This is part III in a series.

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

With so many choices as to what to do, it’s no wonder people of all ages and stations in life ask psychics about their careers. Careers are the thing we identify with, the thing that tells the world who we are and what value we have in the world. It gives people ideas about what we’re good at, what we’re like, how much money we have, and what our social standing is.

Our careers are parts of us, so we want them to accurately reflect who we think we are. Thus, there are few pains like feeling that one isn’t living up to their potential or that one’s job is beneath them or causes them to put themselves out in the world in a way that isn’t reflective of who they are.

For example, I can’t imagine being something else besides a psychic. However, I’ve tried other jobs, and I haven’t been terribly good at them. I’m terrible at normal jobs, and I’m glad that I wake up every morning with the ability to help others.

Sometimes, a Psychic Isn’t The Best Source

However, psychics aren’t always the best source of vocational advice. There’s a practical reason for this: we’re not experts in careers or college study. We may think we have an idea of what someone could do. We can interpret tarot cards to mean one thing or the other. However, pulling the Chariot card could mean “military” or “professional sports” but the same tenacity of a chariot rider could apply to other highly competitive careers like finance.

Work With Me Here.

This is where a psychic needs you most. Give them ideas. Help them come up with things that help you. I may see you in a suit speaking in court. That could mean that a career in law may be for you, but also law enforcement or even medicine as an expert witness.

The Sky’s the Limit (Accept When It’s Not)

Age and ability are definitely limiting factors. For some people, the sky’s truly the limit when it comes to careers. However, others have to manage their expectations. You can’t be a doctor unless you can get into medical school and realistically finish it. You can’t be an astronaut unless you can join the Air Force. However, if there’s a will, there’s a way, and if you’re creative and know yourself, you can help a psychic help you figure out what’s good for you.

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