Chiron in Aries: Physician, Heal Thyself

Chiron in Aries: What does it mean?

Chiron in Aries begins in April of 2018, leaving dreamy, sensitive Pisces and moving into an action-oriented sign. Aries is the sign of the self, the sign of coming into being. It means that we will all begin to start healing our sense of who we are in this world and who we want to be.

Chiron in Aries means healing.

Chiron is called the wounded healer. It is where we are both cursed and blessed. This is where we are wounded. It also where we gain if we learn to recover from it. Where this asteroid is by house and sign in your own chart can tell you a lot about your own wounds.

So, when Chiron is in Aries, it signifies ego wounds. It signifies the loss of self-expression and the ability to go for what one wants. It can mean being forced to ignore instinct and to not live in the moment.

Chiron in Pisces meant wallowing, but in Aries, it means bursting through.

The world was extra-sensitive when Chiron was in Pisces. It’s no wonder that there was a rise of people demanding that everyone else keep everyone else safe from sad feelings. We now have the chance to toughen up and become brave.

After all, that is one of Aries’ blessings: bravery. Once we face our vulnerabilities and push on despite, we find courage.

Chiron in Aries wants you to fight.

You should fight for who you want to be, no matter what anyone tells you. Face your fears and ignore your critics. Keep going even if you fail, and don’t think that you are defeated. You are only getting started. Every day is a new day and a new chance to fight. No gets the best of you.

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