Astrology for Gifts: Holiday Gifts by the Star Signs, Part II (Gift Astrology Series)

You Can Use Gift Astrology to Shop for the Holidays!

This is Part II of a two-part series on gift astrology and using astrology to find the right gift. You can find Part I here

Gift Astrology, by Sign, Libra through Pisces:

Libra: diplomatic, sociable, flirty, fair

Suggestions: Libra likes pretty things, but they can’t choose, so a gift card is not a good idea. Clothes, jewelry, and perfume are great, for both genders, as male Libras take care of themselves, too. They have sweet tooths, so candy and other sweets are good, too. Wine is good, especially if they can share it. A one-on-one trip to the spa is good, too. 

Avoid: Libra isn’t a fan of doing things that are messy or loud. Paintball, toy (or real) guns, weapons, or anything that suggests disharmony is not appreciated, either. 


Scorpio: intense, intuitive, business-minded, sexy

Suggestions: Scorpio is hard to shop for, since they tend to keep their true likes a secret. You could get them something mysterious, or something sexy, but avoid having them open that gift from Frederick’s in front of their family. Anything that piques curiosity or makes people reveal themselves, like an open-ended card game like Cards Against Humanity, is great. Try tarot cards and symbolic things, too.

Avoid: Anything cute and fuzzy, or something you’d also consider giving to a child. Scorpios are born men and women. Tickets to any place crowded or full of plebes is not so good, either. 


Sagittarius: expanding horizons, experiential, philosophical

Suggestions: Sagittarius doesn’t like accumulating stuff, unless it’s intellectually stimulating, like books, but they won’t take care of them. They prefer experiences or objects that help them have experiences. Travel books, luggage, sports and concert tickets, a copy of Rosetta Stone, an online class. Also, food. These chowhounds like holiday snacks, treats, meals, and drinks. They’ll eat fruit cake. 

Avoid: breakables, collectibles, anything bourgeois or too trendy, anything that can be easily broken. Sagittarius generally feels weird getting gifts but loves giving them. 


Capricorn: ambitious, productive, hard-working, cool

Suggestions: Capricorn has refined tastes and likes classic things. They like things that make them look important and elegant. Pin stripes, pearl studs, tie pins, and fountain pens. They also like things that help them get ahead. Something that can be passed down through the generations. 

Avoid: Trendy things, or cheap things that will not last a lifetime. Anything teenagers would like. Dressed down clothing, messy food, or things that disrupt the status quo, like Twisted Sister showing up in the living room. 

Aquarius: trend-setting, rebellious, inventive, contrarian

Suggestions: Aquarius likes new things, weird things, inventive things. They like to go against the grain, and they like surprises, but they’ll tell you exactly what they think. It may be best to ask which electronics or which weird band they like before trying to shop. They don’t turn their nose up to gift cards for that reason. 

Avoid: Getting them the same thing you get everyone else. Aquarius needs to be different. They don’t want the hottest gift of the year; they’ll tell you what next year’s hot gift is, so get that.


Pisces: imaginative, artistic, psychic, gentle

Suggestions:  They love anything that takes them away from the dreary world. Fantasy, sci-fi, and such are great. Artistic Pisces like colorful artwork and supplies. Scarves, clothes that hide them from the world, and things to decorate their bedroom or personal sanctuary. Alcohol and edibles. Candles. Toys. 

Avoid: Event tickets, unless it’s an art show, museum, or concert. Guilt-inducing things, like exercise and health stuff, organizers, cleaning supplies. Sensible gifts that grown-ups would like. They never grow up.

Gift astrology has certainly helped me in the past when I didn’t know what to get for someone. Of course, I personally think that a reading with me is a great gift, as is my app. Why not give the gift of a good psychic reading?

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