How Do You Apologize to the Dead?

How do you apologize to the dead?

I was recently asked by a distraught young woman how she could apologize to the dead. It was someone who is now deceased. She’s letting me tell you her backstory. She didn’t like her freshman college roommate. They were people from two different worlds. While this woman struggled to fit in at college, the roommate seemed to represent all the things that this woman was not. There was a lack of understanding, and even though the woman left the college, she never forgot the effect this roommate had on her.

The roommate died recently, and her short life took a dramatic turn, a riches-to-rags story with quite a few disappointments, downturns, and sorrows.

My client knows that her roommate knew how much she resented her, and I could sense that the roommate could tell. My client wants to apologize for it. The question is: can she?

You can apologize to the dead.

The dead can hear us. You can call to them and they will respond to their names. You can tell them you’re sorry. Now, the question is whether they accept. They do, or they don’t. It depends on the individual. A psychic or medium can help you know if the spirit accepts your apology and if they have anything to say to you.

A medium or psychic can speak to the dead. A medium in particular can channel the dead. Either one can help you communicate with a deceased person. One thing to keep in mind is that we often want to apologize to the dead because it makes us feel better. Usually, if they are in a better place, they’re not dwelling on the things that happened in life. However, if they’re not in a good place, it can be helpful to hear that you’re sorry and that you wish them well.

If you want to speak to apologize to someone who has passed, contact me or one of my associates for help.


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