Ancestral Homelands: Connections to Places

What are you ancestral homelands?

The Germans have a word for it: fernweh, the longing for a place you have never been. You may have felt it. It can be a longing for a place near you, the way I had a longing for South Florida since I was a child. It can also be a place very far from home. For example, many Americans feel an affinity to their ancestral homelands. Many also feel an affinity to places that they don’t think of as their ancestral homelands. However, those places may actually be their ancestral homelands.

If you have the opportunity, a DNA genealogy test can show you where your ancestors truly came from. The more they do these tests, the better they become. Also, you may not realize that your ancestors migrated from one place to another, and that’s why you feel the connection.

Why do we miss places we have never been?

You have karma with many people from many places. However, we tend to reincarnate into the familiar. That means that we come back to the same people and places…most of the time. However, when we migrate, we create a new bond with a new place. Over time, our genealogical and cultural connections. However, history tells us why we feel for certain places.

For example, I spoke with a client who had mostly English heritage. Yet, he had a very, very strong affinity for Scandinavia. He had no Scandinavian heritage, or so he thought.

A closer look

The man always loved the cold, loved the languages, the food, the culture, and the art of the Nordic countries. He was sure he belonged there, and that he had been there before. However, he had no heritage there, and no genealogical connections to those countries. The more he looked into his heritage, the clearer it became. Where his ancestors came from is where the Vikings invaded and colonized. Having Northumbrian heritage meant having Viking heritage.

So, while he had never been to Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, or Finland, he was still tied to those people karmically, because it was everything but the land that was part of his karmic connection.

Where is your soul longing to be?

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