Careers for Psychic People (Beyond Being a Professional Psychic)

Do you have psychic gifts but aren’t sure what careers are good for you? You may have thought about becoming a spiritual worker, but there’s more to choose from. There’s plenty of typical vocations where psychically sensitive people can shine. Read on and see if something sparks your interest.

Careers for Psychics:

Psychics, tarot card readers, mediums, and astrologers: These aren’t actually the most common career choices for psychically sensitive people, as the work can actually be very intense and draining. However, it’s very rewarding, and when you’re a professional psychic, you don’t ever have to pretend that you’re not psychic.

Law enforcement: Police work, forensics, investigation, and legal work: Psychics naturally discover people’s true motives. We figure out what clues objects hold and putt disconnected pieces together to solve a mystery. Psychic abilities can give an officer of the law or the court an extra boost.

Psychology, Sociology, Social Work: People-centered careers are great for psychics, because we can help people. Our instincts lead us to determine the real reasons for human behavior. Our natural empathy makes us able to know what someone else is really feeling.

Art, music, dance,theater: Many psychics have creative careers, and it’s no wonder, since creativity and psychic ability are closely linked. Psychics may be inspired by visions or ideas foreign to most people. We can create new things that resonate with people at a gut-level.

Finance, investments: This may seem like a weird one. However, psychics are very good at predicting the future. We can see whether or not an idea will succeed. We also know when other people are afraid or too confident. Psychics good at math can more easily predict market outcomes and economic trends.

Medicine, health, therapy: Psychics are empathetic. We want to help and heal people. Psychics can sense when someone is ill. Traditional medicine or therapy is a good choice if you’re also interested in science.

If you’re inspired (or more confused), seek a psychic. They’ve done this before. Moreover, they can tell what else makes you special. A psychic can help you can apply your individual psychic gifts to not just a job, but a vocation.

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