Ostara: Reviving the Sun and Psychic Energy

Happy Ostara! (And Happy Easter, too!)

Easter is April 1st today, and people all over the world will be celebrating the return of spring. This holiday used to be known as Ostara, a celebration of the return of springtime and the end of the cold. However, all of these spring holidays celebrate the return of life. Many of the symbols are the same. Eggs, chicks, lambs, and bunnies were part of the pagan celebrations. They were some of the first new animals to be born, and the sign that spring is here. We still use these decorations today. After all, we are all renewed by the wakening of the weather.

Awaken Your Psychic Energy

Have you ever heard of a spring fling, or spring romance? It’s true that people are more likely to find love in spring, even in modern times, even for those of us who live in warm weather areas all year round.  Like rabbits, chickens, and sheep, our bodies wake up to the warm weather. Our psychic bodies do, too.

Have you ever noticed how you feel kinder and more attune to other’s feelings in the spring? Sure, it could be “just the weather.” Actually, it IS the weather. Ostara energy enlivens the psychic mind, too.

If you’re having trouble feeling it, just use your other five senses first. How does the smell of flowers make you feel? What about the sound of a gentle rain? Do they make you want to get out of your head a little bit and find out what’s going on in the world? Do you want to connect?

Ostara is for connecting to the living.

Spring is primarily a time when the psychic body wants to connect to the Earth and commune with nature. It does that through the body, but also through extrasensory means. While we’re more likely to experience connections with the dead in autumn, we’re more likely to experience connections with the living in spring. Most of my spontaneous psychic moments have happened in the spring.

You, too, may be starting to have some interesting psychic experiences that you want to share. If so, let me know. Are you feeling spring in your soul?

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