Mind Reading Gone Wrong: What Happens When You Learn Things You’d Rather Not Know

Mind reading, or telepathy or ESP, is a skill that turns into a double-edged sword. It’s hard to say just how it enhances life if you have the skill. Those of us who have had it have always had it. I wouldn’t know what life is like without having ESP. However, I do know enough to know that it allows me to pick up information that others may want to keep from me.

And that I get information I don’t want.

Mind reading can’t always be controlled.

I know how to turn it down. I didn’t know how to do that when I was younger, and I can never really turn it off. Yet, every once in a while I still end up picking up impressions I would rather not. For example, I always found job interviews hard when I was younger and not working as a psychic. I could tell what a potential boss thought of me even as they were trying to be fair. Sometimes it was good. Other times it was bad. Sometimes, I knew that they were going to hire me because they thought they could push me around. Other times, I could act like the exact employee they wanted. Sometimes, I really didn’t want to do that.

However, I never tried to control it, and for better or for worse, I listened to my intuition before I listened to the people. Imagine meeting a girl in a library [I still can’t stand all the psychic noise in a bar] and knowing from the moment you see her whether you have a chance. Imagine not making a move because you assume you’ll fail.

There’s a reason people don’t always say what they think.

Thoughts don’t have to become words or actions. Thus, it’s a sacred thing what professional psychics do: we’re allowed in people’s heads. Clients want us to do mind readings. However, no one really wants us to see exactly what we see.

I have seen a lot of dark fantasies in people who are otherwise gentle as kittens who would never actually act on them. I have also seen the darkest fears in the minds of those who act as if they’re confident and unstoppable. I have also heard, repeatedly “this guy isn’t a real psychic,” and “don’t think about x,” whenever I’ve done a reading.

The mind is a sacred space, and once we open the door to someone who can access it, we give them access to everything.

What do you do when you learn something you shouldn’t?

Surprisingly, I learned the most important lesson in forgetting from a Catholic priest. Priests hear confessions all the time. They’re not sitting face-to-face with people, but it’s impossible not to know someone and hear their confession and put a voice to a face. He told me that once someone is absolved of their sin, the sin is gone, and as God forgets, he forgets.

So, mind reading is like hearing an involuntary confession, and if I don’t hear the thought aloud, I forget it…

…unless of course, I have a reason to not forget it and have to report it to the police, but that’s a different story and different blog entry.

But if you ever wanted to know: yes, your psychic can read your mind. No, your psychic doesn’t remember what they read. It easier to keep your sanity this way.


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