Curse: What a Psychic Can (and Can’t) Do to Lift a Curse

Dealing with a curse? I’ve been asked before, and yes: I can lift curses…to an extent. I mean that I can lift curses to the extent that any psychic can lift curses. While just about all curses can be recognized, not all curses can be completely lifted.

What’s a curse, exactly?

A curse, or hex, is an utterance or wish of harm or retribution on another person through supernatural means. The evil eye is a type of curse. Foul language, in and of itself, is not cursing, even though it may be used to invoke the emotion needed to make a curse happen.

Curses can be directed against one person, or many people, or entire generations of people. People can be cursed before they’re even born. I’m not talking about so-called curses like the Kennedy Curse, because there’s nothing actually supernatural or strange about the deaths of JFK, Robert, and JFK Jr. I’m talking about children who are subject to horrible treatment, obstacles, and illness, simply because of who they are. Abuse is a type of family hex from one generation to the next, in that it often dooms at least one member of the next generation to repeat the cycle of abuse.

Who curses, and who gets cursed?

Anyone can curse anyone, and anyone can be cursed. Hexes are a form of dark magick that people can perform by accident simply by wishing enough ill-will. Those who can bless can also hex. Psychically strong people tend to do these things without realizing. In fact, for many psychics I know who realized their skills as they were growing up, they realized they had the ability to bless and curse because they could change the luck of those around them simply by how they felt about those people.

The people who are usually victims of a hex fall into two categories: 1) innocent and sensitive and 2) culpable and receiving supernatural retribution. The ones who fall into category 1 are usually children or people who are cursed by jealous or bigoted people. It’s easiest to lift curses from them. However, category 2 is difficult, because they may be experiencing karma for something they did, even if it’s karma imposed on them by other people.

Can a psychic really lift a curse?

It’s easy as pie (well, nearly so) to lift a curse from an innocent person. I don’t mean that one session and it’s over, but rather that I can do my part and identify the hex, and the innocent person can do their work easily to lift the curse from themselves. This doesn’t mean the memory of the curse doesn’t still haunt them; it means that the curse is no longer actively hurting them. The innocents most readily accept help, and the angels who intervene are most happy to help an innocent person.

However, someone cursed out of revenge is much tougher to work with, because there’s usually binding energy from the curser. Often, they’re cursing over and over again, renewing the hex. Angels — who care most about justice and fairness — won’t always intervene if a person is getting what they deserve.

See, the movies are once again wrong about the supernatural. We’ve all seen movies where a group of young people are people plucked off one by one by a curse or a murderer or someone else out for revenge, and the only person who can stop the horror is a true innocent who kills the killer. This makes the universe right, and everyone goes on with life. WRONG.

How can a psychic lift a revenge curse?

Perhaps the main reason why I can try and try but never lift a curse placed on someone out of revenge is because the cursed won’t apologize for what they did.

Yes! It’s really that simple. It starts with an apology and recognizing why they were cursed. From there, they can make amends.

If you think you’re suffering under a curse, contact me.

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