Attracting a Capricorn Man

Six Execute Moves to Win a Capricorn Man (If You Have What It Takes)

The Capricorn man may come off as cold and aloof, but damn, does he look great in suit. He’s actually a lusty creature. Think Christian Grey, but without the exploitive sexual violence. Capricorn doesn’t need to be rich or famous, but if fame and riches come with success, he’ll humbly accept them both.

He’s a hard-working man. He wants his partner to be both supportive and impressive in their own right. This can be a tall order, but if you have the emotional security and the drive to support him and go for your own glory, then you just may be his dream come true.

Don’t be fake. If you have a fake tan, fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake tits, and fake nails, you’re not going to go out in public with Capricorn. Sure, he’ll give you a booty call, but he’s not taking you anywhere where he might run into someone he knows. Capricorn prefers natural beauty, and he’s not dazzled by overt efforts to be sexy. In fact, that works against you. He prefers a more modest, understated look. Being comfortable in your own skin is sexier to him that looking like you’re going to a club. He wants someone to bring home to his parents, to the office party, and to the country club, and you have to look like you belong in those places.

Mind your manners: No PDAs. He’s not going to make out with you in public. He’s not even going to kiss you. It’s possible that he may hold your hand. Its not that he doesn’t like you, but that he doesn’t want to make his romantic life anyone else’s business. PDAs show the world just how much you’re into a person, and he doesn’t think that’s for the world to know. The truth is that he’s totally sexed up all the time and is ashamed of the prospect of appearing out of control. Don’t hang on him in public. You’ll get everything you want as soon as you’re behind closed doors.

Have similar goals and ambition. If your goal in life is to marry a rich man, and you tell this to Capricorn, the date will go one of two ways. 1) He’ll make an excuse to leave early and never speak to you again. 2) He’ll take advantage of that and string you along for as long as possible. Capricorn wants a supportive partner, not one who will take advantage of him. There’s a high wall between his heart and wallet, and you’ll only be able to scale it if you’re on the heart side first. Capricorn loves a partner who has their own path to lead, though he would like those paths to be parallel. He won’t marry down or up. If he’s a professional, you should be a professional. If he has his degree, you should be a college graduate, too.

Be patient. Capricorn men take commitment very seriously, and they won’t enter into one unless they’re absolutely sure that it’s a wise investment. Capricorn won’t leave at the first sign of trouble, and they expect you to endure as well. While it’s great that he won’t leave so easily, he won’t commit until the two of you have overcome something. He doesn’t believe that anything comes easy. He won’t believe in your willingness to commit unless it has been tested.

Drop the Drama. Capricorn has no patience for manufactured problems. Now, most guys say this, but you know this isn’t true. There are plenty of male drama queens who pout when they think they’re being ignored. Capricorn doesn’t mind being ignored if there’s work to do, and he expects you to understand when he’s busy. He’s working toward creating a better future, and if he wants you to be part of that future, he expects you to deal with being a little lonely sometimes in exchange for a comfortable life later. Now, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t follow your suspicions if you think he’s cheating, but when Capricorn says he’s working late, he probably is working late.

Learn to be frugal. He’s not going to shower you with gifts all the time even if he can afford them. He really believes that treats are just that – treats, and that everyone has to earn their keep. He finds your designer purse less impressive than your ability to stretch a dollar. Look at it this way: your boss is more impressed by your ability to save the company money than by your ability to spend (or waste) company funds. Capricorn is the zodiac’s CEO. If you max out your credit cards and don’t pay your bills on time, Capricorn doesn’t see you as a future partner because you can’t be trusted to be careful with his money, either.

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