Attracting a Capricorn woman

Attracting a Capricorn Woman

Sophisticated, understated, and ambitious: the Capricorn woman is a businesswoman through and through. She makes no exceptions when it comes to matters of the heart. True, she isn’t a born romantic. She doesn’t care if you have a heart of gold. Anyone can have a heart of gold.

She may come off as cold, but she’s realistic. You know what you’re getting when you chase a Capricorn woman, and she doesn’t do pretense. She’s not a gold digger. In a way, she’s the perfect partner, so long as you’re a person with a real plan: she not only supports your dreams, she has the know-how and savvy to help you make them a reality.

She’s sensual, and she will hook up with someone she’s sure she doesn’t have to run into again. But while your six-pack or pretty pout may impress her on Tinder, one hot night won’t turn into an ongoing thing unless you’ve got something going for you that won’t fade with age.

But you’re going to have to work hard, and you first have to demonstrate this by trying to win her over.


DO save your pennies. Capricorn is a practical woman. A poor medical student is better than a complacent salesclerk. Capricorn makes a long-term investments in her partners, and she only invests in ones who make long-term investments in themselves. Luxuries are supposed to reflections of worldly success, not illusions of success, and she has no time for boys fixated on their toys. She wants a partner who understands the value of a dollar. On that note:

DO be ambitious AND hard-working. If you sell cell phones at the mall but drive a Hummer, she won’t be impressed. If you drive a Civic, but you’re working on an MBA at Harvard, you have her attention. She knows that the return on the investment for an MBA is worth far more than the one nice possession you have, especially if you don’t own that car outright. She’s in it to win it, and as far as she’s concerned her, a winner delays gratification now for success later.

DO know your manners and etiquette. She’s going to notice if you don’t put your napkin in your lap at dinner or don’t know how to properly tie a necktie. She’s very concerned with what others think of her and what they will think of you. She expects you to behave like an alpha. An alpha doesn’t have to be rude or disparaging to get respect. If you do make a faux pas, like dropping an f-bomb at dinner with her mother, promptly apologize. You need to demonstrate that you understand and value the rules of class and decorum, even if you don’t always follow them.


DON’T be trendy or flashy. Capricorn is classy. Think Armani, not Dolce & Gabbana. Never wear anything with the brand emblazoned on it. Your car better not have rims, or a spoiler, or be canary yellow. She’s not interested in the hottest thing. You’ll never see her at Forever 21, or bleaching her hair to oblivion, or turning orange from a fake tan. She spends on things that are meant to last. This Earthy sign prefers natural beauty, structure, and elegance to glitz, flash, and shiny things. She’d rather spend her money on one nice little black dress than ten trendy, cheaply made ones, and she would rather that you’re also judicious with how you spend your money on yourself. Her motto is that if you have to dress to impress, then you’re not impressive.

DON’T hang out with the wrong people. You have to make a choice between her and your childhood best friend who still lives in their Mom’s basement. Capricorn totally believes that you’re the company you keep. You won’t convince her that you’re going places in life if your friends aren’t, and you have to be going places to get her take you seriously. And while she’s absolutely willing to be with a bad boy in private as long as her colleagues don’t find out, she doesn’t take him to the company holiday party, and she doesn’t get emotionally involved, and she doesn’t stay exclusive.

DON’T be a hopeless dreamer. She doesn’t believe in luck. She believed in productivity. She goes to parties to network, not party. Capricorn doesn’t wait to be discovered, so you shouldn’t be waiting for a big-shot talent agent to simply discover you either. She knows that half the battle is simply putting yourself out there in the best light possible, and the best light is being useful to other people. Even if you don’t have the money to properly wine and dine her, she has to know that you intend to create the success you want, and that you’re taking action.

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