I am not happy with my psychic reading

So…You’re Disappointed/Angry/Upset About Your Psychic Reading? Good. Here’s Why:

You were excited, perhaps a little nervous. Maybe you’d never done this before. Maybe you have. Hell, maybe you just did this last week, or yesterday, or an hour before. You may have met them for the first time. They ask your name, how you’re doing, and what you’d like from them. There’s an element of risk here, isn’t there, divulging such intimate details to a stranger, right?
But it doesn’t go as planned. See, you paid for something and you wanted it to match the fantasy you had in your head, and that just didn’t happen. Now, there were some surprises, but you were hoping to have something happen, and it didn’t happen.

But that’s not a bad thing. Disappoint is okay. Apathy, on the other hand, is a bad thing. A tarot card reading can’t strike a nerve where there is nothing to strike. Perhaps you heard a truth you weren’t ready or willing to hear, one that the universe decided to gift you with today. Truth isn’t the thing we like to hear all the time. The tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes exemplifies this. The man ended up parading himself naked in front of his people because he listened to flattery and ignored his own doubts, even when he saw his own naked body, because he didn’t want to hear that he was naked.

But that’s exactly what happened, because it couldn’t be denied.

It’s also possible that now you have some work to do that you didn’t realize needed to be done. This happens all the time. Now, you may also not like coming back from the dentist to find out that you have cavities, but you take it in stride and get your cavities filled. Believe it or not, two dentists can see two different numbers of cavities in the same mouth because they’re interpreting hazy images from x-rays. Same thing with psychics. Tarot card readers are reading symbols from cards about what is unknown to mortal men, where nothing is certain until it has passed. Another psychic may have told you something else. Of course, if you asked our tarot card reader the exact same question in the exact manner, at the exact same time, with all things being equal on your end and on the end of anyone else involved, then perhaps you would either have gotten the exact same answer, or one of the readers is100% wrong. But how do you know?

Shopping around the universe will give you diluted answers. When your focus shifts from solving a problem to reaffirming a belief you already have, then what you’re actually asking the universe is not for help, or clarity, but a pat on the back. This isn’t what a tarot reading is for. It’s also not helpful for you. If you get a reading that you don’t like, the first thing to do is to explore why you don’t like it. Does it challenge a belief you had? Were you hoping for something different? Were you simply looking for permission from the universe to do something that you really want to do?

In that case, just do it. The fact that you want to do something, that you have the intention and the clarity to ask for it means you have permission to try. Were you asking about a person or a relationship? These things get tricky. After all, the only person you have any real insight into is yourself, and even you may be a mystery. Even if you have a spouse you’ve known and loved for fifty years, there may be things about them you don’t know. You may not know how these things change or evolve until you’re told or shown. But the universe knows. It also knows when you’re hemming and hawing.

But you’re not right now. Take your feelings as a sign that something has resonated. You’ve connected, even if it’s not all goody-gumdrops. You weren’t looking for flattery, and you didn’t get flattered. Perhaps the tarot revealed a side of yourself that you don’t want to see. Freud called this the shadow aspect. And yet, like a shadow, it’s always there. These are things you don’t want to see in yourself. These are not just your negative traits, but how your personality traits can manifest. For example, your ego can accept being told that you’re ambitious, but it chafes at being told that you can be ruthless. But aren’t ambition and ruthlessness the light and dark of the same drive to succeed? You can’t have a capacity for one without capacity for the other.

And that’s fair. We don’t like to think of ourselves in certain ways, and we don’t want strangers to point out our failings or shortcomings. We don’t people to tell us we can’t have what we want, or that something may hold us back. But again, if no nerve was struck, then there is no reaction. Something touched you, bothered you, brought you to this place.Aren’t you at all curious as to what nerve has been struck, and what you can learn about yourself? After all, if it is ever your goal to become a better person as your life progresses, then why not take a look at the place where you’re hurting – your shadow – and see why?

And, even if at the end of all of that you still couldn’t make something of it, and you want to get another opinion or wipe the slate clean, then go ahead. But you should also keep in mind, that psychics time is valuable and asking for a refund because you are not satisfied is very unfair to not only the psychic but to yourself also.

  1. Shelly Reply

    I know that I’m not on the right path, I just feel it! I would like to know what I need to do, or who I need to eliminate in order to get where I need to be. Your help would be very much appreciated! Thank you…

  2. Justin Reply

    Dose Anna cheat on me

  3. Renée Reply

    I would like to know if my girlfriend is faithful to me and if not who is the other woman

  4. Debra Reply

    I need to make a decision whether to stay or go but am stuck, anxious and depressed

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