What to Ask A Psychic?

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Reading: What to Ask a Psychic

Your first inclination when contacting a psychic is to assume they can read your mind and figure out what you want to know. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Asking a psychic to look into your mind and sift through all the thoughts, feelings, and memories to figure out which specific question you have for them, out of all the questions in your mind, is a waste of your time and theirs. Also, in the interest of privacy, don’t ask someone to simple “scan you.” If your neighbor comes to the door asking for something, you don’t open the door and let them go in and rifle through everything you own, right? Don’t do it here, either.

So, what should you ask a psychic, and how should you ask? To get the answer you’re looking for, considering the following:

A psychic can only work with what you give them. If you contact a psychic but put up mental barriers, lie, interrupt, or stare at them blankly waiting for them to figure out what you want, you’re not only just being a jerk, but you’re also making it difficult for them to do their jobs. Imagine if it were your job to count the number of people that come in and out of a store entrance, and your boss kept coming up to you shouting random numbers, or blocking people from entering, or distracting you while you were counting. Instead of counting the people coming into the store, you’re now fighting with your boss to let you do your job.

When you speak to a psychic, be friendly, open, and eager to work and talk. Know what you want to discuss and accomplish. Even if you’re genuinely confused about something, your confusion can be the topic so long as you’re willing to work on it.

A little background helps, but too much muddles the reading. It helps to have some context, but not too much. Not only do you have to be willing to talk to the psychic, but you have to give context. Psychics aren’t omniscient. They don’t know everything, even if they can perceive more than the average person. If you’re asking about love, let the psychic know if you’re married or not or in love or not. If you’re asking about money, tell them a little about your financial or employment situation. Even if the psychic can figure this out on their own, you’re paying them to tell you what you already know, which is money wasted. Wouldn’t you rather pay them to tell you what you don’t already know?

With that being said, they don’t need to hear your life story. Too much information gets in the way of clearing the mind and preparing for a psychic reading or healing.

Yes or no questions are easiest. All yes or no questions are easy to answer on earth and in heaven. It’s one or the other, and all the things a psychic picks up on and senses can be placed in one category or the other. An open-ended question, like “How does my crush feel about me?” is harder to answer because people are complex, and they have complex feelings that can change in intensity at any given time. Your crush has a myriad of feelings about you, even though the one you want to know about is if this crush likes you back. However, you’re asking the psychic to sift through all of those feelings and return a simple answer. So, simply ask “does my crush like me back?” and the psychic can hone in on that particular feeling.

Don’t ask for the ridiculous, improbable, or obvious. Sure, you can ask a psychic anything, but avoid asking for the ridiculous, improbable, or obvious. It’s a waste of your time and the psychic’s talents.

If you’re 65, 5’4” tall and clumsy, don’t ask a psychic if you have a shot at becoming a professional runway model. Yes, technically, you could become one, but what you mean is if you would be successful at it. You probably know that the answer is no. Likewise, if you found a receipt for the exact engagement ring you’ve been asking your fiancé to give you for years, you don’t have to ask the psychic if he plans to propose. He does (hopefully to you).

Be open to the answer you get. It may surprise you. Yes, you might want to hear that your husband isn’t cheating on you, but that might not be the truth. Or, you may not want to hear that your crush doesn’t like you back. However, in both cases, you may hear that someone better is coming along, so it’s just as well. Yes, you’re disappointed now. You wanted a future that you won’t get, and you’re not the person you will be in the future when you’re happily in love with the better person who comes along.

But look at it this way: which person would you rather be, the one who is in a little sorrow now wanting what can never be, or the person in the future who is happy with a new and better life? Your psychic wants to help you be the happy person in the future, even if it means telling you something you may not want to hear in the present.

  1. Jewell Reply

    Cedric , I tried to email you on gmail.com and also thru message on my phone. I mailed you a letter and questions with a money order please let me know if you received it. If can’t reach me by email try please call or write me, I will send you a message with my contact information.

  2. dave Reply

    Hey, how are you? I was wondering if you could give me some insight on what my future holds for me for the next few months as i have feeling a little lost and not sure what path to take

  3. Lisa Reply

    Should I go and retrieve my half of willed property from father

  4. Lisa Reply

    Soukd I move to retrieve half of willed fathers house

  5. Sasha Reply

    Hi there, I’m a 26 year old female and was just wondering if you can see anything in the near future for me regarding love and or a relationship. Thank you

  6. michelle Reply

    Looking for positive vibes in conversation

  7. Noah Reply

    Hey please i really need to know if the girl that i have crush on love me back? Is she with someone else while we are hanging out? Does she feel the same way i feel about her? Is she worth it

  8. Oscar f Perez Reply

    Hello cedric as you see my name is oscar i was born on 12/14/1981 and would like to see if you could do a free reading

  9. Lucy Reply

    When will I meet the one?

  10. Dawie Reply

    Hi. I just want to know what the future holds in for me finacially

  11. JO Symes Reply

    Hi Just wanting some insight over the next few months. What career path should i chose and will my marriage end? If so do when do i find my soul mate?

  12. Jodie Stewart Reply

    What does my future hold?

  13. Nadine Reply

    Want to know about my love life in future and when will it be happening

  14. Krissy Reply

    Will I ever achieve personal happiness and well being

  15. Jessica Velasco Reply

    What do you see near my future . Love life . . Married ? Goals money health

  16. Linh Chi Nguyen Reply

    Hey. Cedric, all I will be giving you is ✨positivity✨ and 😁gratitude😁. You’ve changed my life and my love life for the better…. I couldn’t be more thankful. Thank you so much for your services. Also do you think you can do a blog post on what Spirit Angels are because I have never heard of one until now. Thanks. You’re the best! Now…. I will just quietly sit in a corner coding a website on my computer 💻 and learning how to become more fluent in Korean 🇰🇷 so that I can communicate better with my soulmate and the love of my life…. 💖 Thank you Cedric again. I can’t wait to meet him.

  17. Kelly Reply

    my boyfriend recently passed away. He was the world to me and Im struggling to get through the days without him. I want to know if he knew he was going to die, and if he’s with me.

  18. Mary Reply

    Hi i recently lost my mum is she watching over me can you tell me what my relationship hold as me an my boyfriend isn’t getting on too good thanks

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