Your secret to identifying a genuine psychic

The question that most people ask is how to identify a genuine psychic at a time when a majority of those who claim to be the best will not even tell you anything about their own future. And the most disturbing trend is that the more popular a psychic is, the chances are that he is mostly fake. So then, how do you get to know if your preferred choice is actually genuine and gifted at a first glance?


Qualities of a genuine psychic

  1. Willing to give trial readings for free.

One of the most popular business strategies is the use of free samples to gain the confidence of customers. Since you are going to pay for the services of a psychic expert, then you may ask for some trial readings. Here, you may give two or three questions and see if your potential choice will get them right. For example, you may decide to ask them to tell you about your marital status, children or not, or even your health condition. A genuine psychic will give you answers that are almost close to the truth or just hit the marks directly. Some of them will just send you free emails containing information that is relevant to your life situation for free. In this case, you will have tested their strength and decide if you are going to work with them or not.

  1. Open and honest.

The only reason you will seek the services of a genuine psychic is because you definitely want the truth about some aspects of your life. Therefore, if someone is going to withhold some information from you for particular reasons, then you have every reason to know why. This is a common trick that con artists use to shield themselves from getting detected. They will say that you do not need to know the whole truth because you may not be able to handle it. Handle it or not, it is your right and you obviously paid for it. If someone tells you this, then be alarmed and better not waste your time and money.

  1. Should not give personal opinions.

If you need a person’s opinion, then you should ask, otherwise whatever your genuine psychic will tell you is considered private and confidential information that not even them have the right to give personal opinions. So if you come across someone telling you about what you should do and yet you have not asked, then just save your time and walk.

  1. Does the talking.

Have you ever gone to a psychic reader and end up spending almost the entire session talking? Well, it should be the opposite. One technic that fake psychics use to get information which they later give you is by getting you to talk. They will frame you in a way that you spill all the details they need and steal clues about what you might need to know without you even knowing it. So just sit back and let your genuine psychic do the talking; otherwise, there is no need of paying and you end up talking yourself.

  1. Accurate and specific

Your genuine psychic should give you facts the way they are and not tell you general stories that have nothing with what you need to know. They should be specific and accurate because when you pay for something, then you expect to see the value of your money. Do not take stories, tell them to get direct to the point and you will be surprised at how easy you get to catch a fake artist.

I hope these steps will help you get your genuine psychic and avoid being swindled. Be sure to check for updates on more secrets.

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  1. Teddy Reply

    I paid for a report which I received. Cedric emailed me to see if I had any questions. I emailed him in return with more specific questions and he answered very quickly.

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