Astrological Timing

Astrological Timing: Planning and Predicting Events with Astrology

For those familiar with their daily horoscope, astrology is a very useful way to predict what could happen at any point in time. It can not only tell you when it’s best to do something, but it can predict what may happen based on the time you ask the question. Two methods of astrology prediction are electional astrology and horary astrology.
Electional Astrology: Find the right time, then acting

Electional astrology is the method of predicting the best time to do something. You may be familiar with using the phases of the moon to plan things. For example, hair cut on a new moon grows back quickly, while hair cut on a full moon grows back slowly. Mercury retrograde is a bad time to sign contracts but a good time to look for missing things. Electional astrology allows you to use astrology to plan the best time for events.

For example, a bride planning a wedding may want to not just plan for a sunny day, but a day where the planet of love, Venus, is making a harmonious aspect to the planet of sex, Mars, and the planet of commitment, Saturn. She may not find the absolute perfect day In the near future, but she may find something close.
Horary Astrology: asking the universe what’s going on right now

What about asking the universe to guide you? Horary astrology is the art of asking the universe a question and finding it in the position of the planets at the moment the question is asked. One may ask any question, although a yes or no question is easiest to answer.
Horary can give an answer and tell when the wanted thing will occur, and what other factors may surround the question.
For example, that same bride may want to know if her wedding day will go well. She asks the question and the astrology casts the chart. It shows that it will go well….but with a catch. The moon is in Leo in the third house, indicating that one of her siblings may try to steal the show. The bride remains on the lookout to keep her drama queen sister from making the day about her.

Is this foolproof?

Nothing, however, is set in stone. Even if it’s a certainty that things will happen, there’s always the possibility that it won’t be acknowledged, which is often as good as it never happening at all.

For example, an astrologer may predict that you’ll meet someone special at some point in the future. However, you lust for the results and start trying to guess whom it might be. You meet someone you think is perfect and start trying to catch their eye. Eventually, you work yourself up into thinking they’re the one. You really want you fantasy to come true. They’re everything you like; they’re your “type.” But they don’t take the bait you lay out. They’re not for you. Meanwhile, you completely miss the person who was good for you. They weren’t the type; they weren’t someone you could picture yourself with. They move on, even though they’re the person you actually need.

And that’s why you couldn’t recognize them. You wanted love, but you weren’t ready for it, so you couldn’t see it when it arrived.

Not me, you say. I wouldn’t do that.

But you have before, because you’re only human. Don’t worry, though. This happens.

All. The. Time.

That’s one thing astrology can’t do. It can’t make you ready for what happens. The good news is that, with all things in life, you usually get another chance. If something is absolutely meant to be, it will find a way despite the people involved.
You may have had a “significant event” that just wasn’t that significant to you personally.

Ever had a missed opportunity? Before I worked as a full-time psychic, I dabbled a bit in film. I was a production assistant on small films and commercials. I would do tarot card readings on the set at times. I did one for a bright young man just starting out his acting career, which he asked about. The reading was favorable, and I never thought about it or him again…

…until I saw his face all over movie posters for a film that would go on to win Oscars.

Perhaps you met a soul mate, but were already in love with someone else, and besides: you’re very gregarious, and you meet new people all the time. Perhaps you had a career opportunity come up that wasn’t as big a deal for you as it might be for someone else. Perhaps you had an opportunity to rub elbows with someone very famous, but your profession already has you around high-profile types.

You Don’t Have to Miss Any Opportunity

. An astrological reading gives you a heads up so you know what’s coming and what to look out for. Never miss anything again.
If you were to ask an astrologer to go back and look at the most significant moments in your life, it would seem as if you were bound to have something major happen in your life.
However, the astrologer could also go back and look at times where you may have had something important happen, but it just didn’t register because it wasn’t that big a deal for you, personally speaking.

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