Issues and Problems with Asking for Readings for Other People

Issues and Problems with Asking for Readings for Other People

Every psychic, tarot card reader, and astrologer has been asked, at one time or another, to do a reading for someone other than the person asking. While this can certainly be done, it raised more than a few ethical issues. Tapping into the wellspring of the universal consciousness and retrieving information about anyone is relatively easy. The universe doesn’t distinguish between one person and another, and the universe doesn’t value one bit of information over another. If there are no psychic blocks or attempts to conceal and thwart, a psychic or astrologer can do a reading for just about anyone with various degrees of success.

So, that‘s not the issue when you ask about someone other than yourself. The issue is what to say to another person about someone else.

Will Your Lightworker Actually Do the Reading?

Before asking for a reading for someone else, it’s best to ask if your psychic, astrologer, or tarot card reader if they actually will do a reading for someone other than you, especially if they’ll be relaying all the information to you alone. While the universe may be impartial, people aren’t. The lightworker may be hesitant to share certain types of information with you. However, the likelihood of getting a lightworker comfortable with giving you cosmic information on someone else depends on a few different factors. Read on to find out what matters when asking for a reading for someone else.

What Matters When Asking for a Reading for a Third Party
How do you feel about this person? A psychic, intuitive, or reader will know right away if you’re trying to get information to use to your advantage or if you’re genuinely concerned about the person you’re asking about. They may inquire as to the nature of the relationship and how long you’ve known each other. If it’s your child and you’re asking so you can guide them, a psychic may be more comfortable doing readings for them. If it’s about your ex-husband’s younger, prettier new girlfriend, well… What Do You Want to Know? Rarely does someone ask an astrologer what a co-worker likes and dislikes because they’re doing Secret Santa in the office this year. They ask because they’re emotionally invested in the answers.

You usually know what the deal by the types of questions the client asks. If someone asks a psychic to tell them what turns someone else on sexually, we know that this person isn’t your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, they’re not asking a question about grandma, or someone who is just a friend or acquaintance.
What Do You Intend to Do With the Information? You’d be surprised how many times one may be asked to do a tarot, psychic, or astrological reading on a relative stranger or acquaintance because the asker has a crush and wants to figure out how to woo the unsuspecting person. Or, someone may ask about an enemy or competitor, or about someone they don’t even know and have never met, but want to get to know.

If something seems fishy, you may not get your reading. It’s also possible that your psychic, tarot card reader, or astrologer holds back information because they’re not sure if they should give it to you. For example, in any astrological reading, it can be seen what a person’s deepest insecurities may be and what they fear the most. An astrologer may be hesitant to talk about this with someone other than the person whose chart they’re reading because they’ll fear that you’ll take undue advantage of it and prey on their fears.

When Will You Actually Be Satisfied?
Weirdly enough, when people ask for information about a third person, they always need to know more, often more than if they’re asking for a reading about themselves. You would think that wouldn’t be the case, and that we’d all naturally be more curious about ourselves and invested in our own spiritual growth, but not so.

Readings for ourselves resonate easily. Readings for people we love and know very well resonate well. Readings for people we don’t know so well don’t resonate, so we’re not sure how to process and integrate the information we get. One very real issue for lightworkers doing readings for other people is that the person requesting the reading takes so long to be satisfied.

Whereas we usually love what we do, and love helping people, we only have so many hours in the day. Many of us will keep in regular communication with our clients and clarify things after a reading. More often than not, however, those who ask for readings from others are always asking follow up questions, seeking more and more clarification, or asking the same questions over and over again. We love our clients. However, we usually have more than one, and we can’t keep answering the same questions.

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