Romance: Questions for Psychics, #2

This is part II in a series.

Will I ever find love?

Of course, people who ask this question are looking for romance, and to that, I say:

Do You Want to Fall In Love?

If you want to fall in love, then you will fall in love. I assure you this is true. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the other person will love you back, nor does it mean that the relationship will be good, or long-lasting, or fun. Love isn’t necessarily those things, at least not all at once.

However, this question out of all the common questions I’m asked breaks my heart, because I know it always come from a place of pain. No one ever asks if they’ll meet the one if they’re not interested in romance. They don’t ask if they’ll find their soul mate if they’re happy being single. Whereas everyone always wants money or luck, we don’t have a deep, primal longing for it the way we do with love.

Romance isn’t necessarily love.

Sure, it usually comes before love, but the highs and elation we get from sexual attraction and the novelty of romantic attachment isn’t necessarily love. However, when people say they want love, they usually want both romance and long-lasting attachment that withstands the test of time. Only playboys and children want romance that doesn’t lead to anything more.

However, I can predict when a person will have romance or love, and when it leads to love. This is actually something that separates the real psychics from the fakes. This kind of love gives off such a high vibration that it’s difficult to ignore and hard to confuse with lust if you know what to look for.

The trouble usually is that our clients are just too sad to open up their hearts to love.

But that’s something a psychic can help them with: a psychic can make them ready to open their hearts to romantic love and everlasting love that one has with a soulmate or twin flame. Thus, that should be the first question, not “will I find love,” but rather “how do I become ready to receive love?”

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  1. Linh Chi Nguyen Reply

    Love is a wonderful thing….

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