Full Moon: Why Are You So Powerful?

The next full moon is on May 29th. I’m not sure if I’ll get to see her due to the weather in South Florida. With all of our distractions, does anyone still wants to look up at the moon? However, I believe that every astrologer, at least one time in his or her life, should look up at the bare naked sky and observe the stars as they are.

What is the full moon important?

Humans have been fascinated by the phases of the moon since antiquity. They were our first calendars. However, in the time before artificial light, the moon was the light in the night sky. As the moon increased in light, the night grew brighter. People didn’t know that the Moon didn’t shine with its own light. So, when they saw the full Moon, they saw a second, softer light in the sky.

They also knew that this moon made the animals stay out later, the oceans to swell, and women to ovulate. While the sun warmed the Earth and made plants grow, this light had its own powers.

Indeed, it was magic in a way. Unlike the Sun, we could look directly at it. It would then turn away, slowly, then disappear, only to come back again. The full moon was a sign that this powerful force would always be with us.

What to do on a full moon:

A full moon is a great time to commit yourself to something. Marriages during the full moon will be fruitful, though possibly with a little friction.

This is a time to celebrate success and good fortune. It’s also a time to let go of things that don’t work any more. Over time, as the full moon fades into a new moon, you let go.

If you commit yourself to a course of action, plan it out as the moon wanes, and get rid of the things that may be in the way. For example, if you want to lose weight, promise the full moon, and use the next two weeks to get rid of the junk food in the pantry.

Even if you can’t see the full moon, she is a powerful psychic force, and what you imagine during a full moon can manifest. What are your wishes for the full moon?


  1. Linh Chi Reply

    My wish for the full moon… is to smile more. I feel like I’ve somehow forgotten how to be truly happy… What’s your wish Cedric?

  2. Linh Chi Reply

    To be happy.

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