Clairvoyance: Seeing Distance Places and Events

Clairvoyance is a psychic power.

Clairvoyance is a psychic power to look into the future, back to the past, or to distance places and see events unfold. It is most like watching a movie with the mind’s eye. The clairvoyant is not present, and cannot change or affect what she sees. However, she does often experience the same emotions that others may experience.

One of the most famous clairvoyants is Nostradamus. Nostradamus has predicted a great many of the things that came to pass over the hundreds of years since his predictions.

You may may clairvoyant, too.

Many people experience this psychic phenomenon at least once in their lives. Usually, they experience events that happen or will happen to those who are close to them. For example, a man that I know would often experience the events his twin brother experienced during the Persian Gulf War. His twin was not surprised when his brother knew exactly what he was talking about when he shared his war stories.

Many people have clairvoyant dreams. For example, Abraham Lincoln had a dream of his own death. John Wilkes Booth assassinated him three days later.

How do psychics use clairvoyance?

Psychics with clairvoyance are able to tap into their power and view events at will. However, most are not always able to do this whenever they wish. Many need something to connect them to the event. This connector can be something simple as the identity or presence of their client. However, the stronger the connection and clearer the path, the more a psychic can see.

A psychic may only get a fuzzy overview of an event if the connection is weak. However, the psychic may see and sense everything if the connection is especially strong. This is why psychics always seek accuracy from their clients. They will usually ask a lot of questions to make sure they’re targeting the right time and place.

For example, a suspicious husband asks “can you see my wife cheating on me?” This is hard to pinpoint if the woman has dated in the past or will date in the future. The psychic may want to know who with, where the husband thinks the wife goes, why he suspects her, etc. Otherwise, the psychic may pick up an event that is not the wife cheating but looks like it.

This happened to me once in my early days. I saw the wife with another man. However, the wife was not cheating: this was her new husband, after the divorce, a few years later. The husband tried to divorce her for adultery because he didn’t want to give her anything in the break up, but he had no proof other than what he said a psychic saw. As you know, that doesn’t hold up in court.

But the good news? In my clairvoyant vision, I saw the wife happy.

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