Love at First Sight: Do You Just Know?

Love at first sight is real.

Lately, I’m being asked if it’s possible to have met one’s soul mate or to just know when you’ve met the love of your life. While most cynics may tell you otherwise, I believe love at first sight is absolutely possible. For example, I knew my wife was the one when I saw her across the fairground. Of course, I wouldn’t actually get a chance to talk to her for another six months, and it would be another six before I had worked up the courage to speak to her, but I knew.

However, it’s not the same as finding your soul mate.

However, a soul mate isn’t necessarily the same thing as the love of your life. First, a soul mate is someone you have traveled through many lives with. This can be family members, friends, teachers, neighbors, etc., and it doesn’t mean you love them all or even like them. In fact, you may very well marry your soul mate. This doesn’t mean you’ll be happy. In fact, in my experience, almost everyone who has been married more than once married their soul mate the first time around.

Oh Cedric, you say, but if they were soul mates, why didn’t it work out? Well, it’s because it wasn’t supposed to work out. Soul mates come together to resolve karma. This can be a powerful pull, but it can also create for irreconcilable differences. Soul mates don’t necessarily want the same things in life. They may share karma, but no one actually wants karma. They want love.

What is “falling in love?”

Falling in love, if it’s for real, usually occurs between people with little or no karma. There may be some astrological aspects between the charts, but if so, it’s usually not the kind that would make an astrologer think the two were past lovers. Falling in love is what we do with someone who inspires us and makes us want to resolve our own karma. And, we know who these people are the moment we meet them.

Timing is key!

You’ve probably heard the phrase that it takes kissing a few frogs before you find your prince. Alec Baldwin, actually, described meeting his current wife as a long process of meeting women to discern what his future wife will be like. However, when he met Hilaria, it was right for both of them. Even though there’s a 24-year age difference (which is actually a lucky gap), they wanted the same things. The time was right, and they fell in love at first sight.

Cedric, when will it be MY turn?!

This is something I can help you with, provided that 1) you’re willing to wait if you have to, and 2) you’re willing to do the work to become the person ready to fall in love. You can’t be selfish. You can’t think of your love as an appendage or accessory to your life. Don’t expect them to be perfect while you refuse to address your own flaws. That’s not falling in love; it’s having a pet or a servant. Love makes you more than you are now. It changes you, so you must be willing to change.

Only when you are willing to change, will you one day look out into a crowd and meet eyes with the right one.

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