Steve Avery: A Psychic’s Opinion, Part I

Steve Avery didn’t murder Teresa Halbach. Brendan Dassey’s confession was coerced.

I want to share this now, so if you want to be angry and walk away, you can do it now.

Steve Avery has never killed anyone. Brendan Massey has never killed anyone. The real killer is free, and he has killed since, and he will kill again, and the powers that be in Wisconsin simply don’t give a shit.

Now, before you say anything else, keep in mind that I’m not a lawyer or a law enforcement officer. I have only worked as a psychic detective sporadically. However, I am confident enough to say that the real killers (there are two) are free and two innocent men have been kidnapped by the state of Wisconsin based on what I have seen.

So…who killed Teresa Halbach?

There are things I could comment on that I can’t talk about with authority because again, I’m not a lawyer. I can point out the obvious, like the Constitution violations: the blatant Brady violation, or the trial judge for whatever insane, stupid reason disallowing the defense to exercise their right to name alternative defendants. Then there’s Ken Kratz who is practice law unlawfully with a suspended license on his personal tour to slander Avery and his lawyer Kathleen Zellner by talking using talking points a first-year law student could easily refute. Then there’s the horrid fabrication of forensic evidence, the refusal to allow the coroner to do her job (which was a violation of state statute), and so many other violations of Avery’s right to due process.

That all exists independently of what I have to say.

Zellmann is right about everything. She named the killers, and the world knows who they are. But from what I have seen, it’s potentially a bigger web than she realizes, and there’s a very good chance that Avery and Dassey will die in prison and more young women will be murdered.

How do I know?

I don’t normally take time to focus on a place and time. Believe it or not, finding the dead and figuring out how they died is difficult, because living people are much easier to read. I can read the living though. I wasn’t hired to do this work, either. I rarely watch Netflix. However, my wife loved the show, and she tricked me.

She called me into the room with the show paused on a picture of Teresa Halbach. Instantly, I envisioned two men carrying her dead body. I sat down, fully expecting that those two men I saw were the men in prison.

I watched the series with my wife, and I saw the men who killed her…but it wasn’t Avery or Dassey.

Look for Part II.

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