Colors and Your Aura: What Do They Say About You?

What colors are your aura? Yes, your aura can be more than one color. Usually, there is a predominant color, however, followed by secondary colors. This predominant color can tell about the state of your soul. The secondary colors tell about the state of your heart and mind. The rainbow of possibilities Auras can be

What Color is Your Aura?

Auras: What are they? Look at a modern depiction of Jesus, a saint, or an angel. How about Krishna or Buddha? The artist has painted or drawn a glow around them. This is an aura. How about when someone is “glowing” or “radiating?” They’re not actually giving off visible light, but rather spiritual light. This

Your Mood Doesn’t Affect Your Psychic Reading…Much.

In a bad mood? If you’re worried about being negative during your reading, please don’t be. Western culture puts a lot of emphasis on happiness, good vibes, and “being positive,” to the point where so-called spiritual individuals actively discourage others to be grown adults and deal with it, as if everyone is a wilting flower.