Impressing a Capricorn

Impressing a Capricorn: Tips for Each Zodiac Sign

Today begins Capricorn! so what better time to speak about them. First and foremost, Capricorn is a tough sell. They don’t impress easily. Call and they don’t call back. They need to know what’s in it for them in the long-term if they take you on.
These folks value success and class above all else. These discriminating men and women won’t take anything less. They’re not fooled by your best pick up lines or your charm. You have to earn Capricorn’s attention by being impressive. If you’re serious though, they may be game. Interested in knowing how each of you can attract or impress a Capricorn? Select your sign below and let the learning begin 🙂

Aries: Calm down. You’re hot and Capricorn is cool. You rush in, but Capricorn waits. Granted, they may be impressed with your enthusiasm, but it scares the crap out of them. Avoid fighting, especially in public. You love a good fight, but Capricorn hates it. They would rather pretend that everything is okay or talk about it rationally. This is not a time to go cold turkey on your Adderall.

Taurus: Be the rock they need. It’s a lonely journey to the top, and Capricorn is always afraid it won’t make it. They need someone to be there and be patient when they’re away at work. This is your specialty. You never change, you never go anywhere, and you never fight. Capricorn curls up in your lap like a kitten. Just be sure to stroke their head and their ego every now and then.

Gemini: Learn to appreciate silence. When Capricorn gets home from work, the last thing they want to do is talk about everything that happened at work. They can’t stop and answer all of your texts, either. Trust that even if they’re not in constant communication, they still care. They’ll care for you more if you give them the space to get through the work day so they can turn their attention to you later.

Cancer: Don’t nag or baby them. It’s true that Capricorn could use some TLC, and that they have a hard time taking care of themselves. You may be tempted to act like their mother or father, but this doesn’t go over well. They need to feel in charge of their lives. Accept that they won’t be the most affectionate or cuddly of lovers. You know they love you because they work hard for you.

Leo: Bring it down a notch or two. Capricorn is weirded out with attention-seeking in behavior, dress, or manner. Expect them to veto the gold lame pants and chinchilla coat you want to wear to Sunday brunch. Capricorn believes that less is more; you think less is boring. Capricorn expects you to be polite even if you feel slighted, but you let people know exactly what you think. Learn to let some things slide.

Virgo: Keep being your awesome, underappreciated self. You’re Capricorn’s perfect girl or man Friday. You’re supportive of Capricorn’s goals. You make life easier for them so they can concentrate on their ambition, and you don’t mind waiting up for them. The only problem is making sure you get proper credit for your work and that Capricorn remembers to return the favor and help you achieve your goals.

Libra: Take some initiative and learn independence. While you may be happy to let Capricorn take the reins, they don’t want to do any more work than they have to, and that includes their relationships. They ask you what you want for dinner because they’re too tired to think about it; don’t tell them that you’re fine with whatever they want to have. Try making a decision all by yourself and sticking with it.

Scorpio: Share your powerful insight with them. You can help Capricorn get ahead by sharing your talent for understanding people. You both have a knack for business. You know what desires really motivates people, and Capricorn knows how to produce something tangible to meet those desires. You also know how to put people to good use, and Capricorn admires this. You both love making money, so be open about it.

Sagittarius: Take something seriously once in a while. You think that institutions Capricorn holds dear, like tradition and social hierarchies, aren’t sacred because they’re different around the world. Capricorn believes in these things nonetheless. Capricorn structures their life around the rules of these institutions and tries to create an important place for themselves within them. If you go out to dinner with Capricorn and their boss, try not to tell any dirty jokes.

Capricorn: Learn to compromise. Two Capricorns can work well together if they have a uniform goal. However, it’s more likely that two Capricorns have two distinct goals they’re willing to sacrifice everything to achieve. You both feel worthwhile when you achieve worldly success. You can be very helpful to each other in that way, so long as you’re not competing with each other, because you both know the encouragement the other needs to keep going.

Aquarius: Learn to tolerate tradition and social hierarchy more. Capricorn is proper and traditional, and you hate tradition and social hierarchies. You also enjoy getting a rise out of people, whereas Capricorn loves social order. It may be tempting to start an argument with Capricorn’s bigoted grandfather at Thanksgiving, but for Capricorn’s sake, grit your teeth and bitch about their jackass relatives on Tumblr later, and try not to use their real names.

Pisces: Show them that there’s more to life than work and status. Capricorn is prone to depression, and knowing that they’re on Earth to do more than make money helps to lift their spirits. You may be just the balm they need when everything seems to be hollow and empty, especially if they’ve dealt with an obstacle they can’t overcome or a crushing professional setback. You can put things in perspective for them.

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