Astrology for Gifts: Holiday Gifts by the Star Signs, Part I

Astrology for Gifts? Yes! Astrology Helps You Buy the Right Gift

Astrology is a tool that can be used for great, magnificent purposes. However, it’s actually really good for small things. After all, the universe doesn’t necessarily know what’s important to you. One astrological aspect or transit could spell disaster or great change on a large scale, but it can also be transforming on a tiny scale, for everyone. What you can use to predict great tides of change, sweeping discoveries, catastrophes and victories can also be used to figure out somebody wants to eat for dinner. Astrology of small things is not something to turn your nose up to, especially when you’re trying to shop this holiday season. You can use astrology for gifts.

You’d be most successful in buying a gift for someone’s Venus sign. All you need to know is the the day and year they were born, and you can find their Venus sign. However, you can give gifts for somebody’s sun sign, moon sign, or ascendant, too.

All of the suggestions below are generic for the signs. Thus, if you’re getting a gift for someone with Venus in Capricorn, this applies to them as well as it does to someone with the Moon in Capricorn. Astrology for gifts is flexible; if you know someone better than I do, go with what you know.

Astrology for Gifts, by Sign, Aries through Virgo:

Aries: unique, action-oriented, fun, simple

Suggestions: Monogrammed things. They love staking their claim on things. Bright red, black, and white things. Fast things, like cars. Spicy foods, scary movies, adventure trips, exercise equipment, especially weight training and competitive sports equipment, and anything that helps them get a better body.

Avoid: Antiques, even really nice, expensive ones. Aries doesn’t like big, ornate things, and they hate sharing or being second in line for anything.  They don’t appreciate things that require a lot of upkeep, like collections, or living things.


Taurus: predictable, sensual, lover of luxury

Suggestions: Taurus likes fine things and quality things. It’s better to get them one nice thing than a bunch of small things. They appreciate nice wrapping, too. Chocolate truffles, champagne, cashmere, fine home goods, fine bedding, and things that encourage them to continue to do nothing are great. If it’s expensive and durable, go for it.

Avoid: Anything cheap, loud, or disposable. They keep everything. Scratchy sweaters, tight collars. Don’t ever get Taurus a gag gift. They live for gifts and they will never forgive you for disappointing them.


Gemini: brainy, quick, talkative, mercurial

Suggestions: Gemini loves gadgets and tech, and being in the loop. Nowadays, digital gifts are common, so apps are great. Phone cases, phones, tablets, a subscription to an online newspaper or magazine are great, too. I would only get them books or things in their hobby if you’re sure you know what those are; they may be more advanced than you think.

Avoid: Gemini doesn’t necessarily care about the price or the logo, and they really don’t like the idea of being a walking billboard for a brand, so nothing with names on it. They only endorse themselves. While they could use stuff to help them calm down, they’ll probably never use it.


Cancer: nurturing, sensitive, family-oriented, nostalgic

Suggestions: Christmas was made for Cancer. This sign absolutely appreciates home decor, handmade gifts, antiques and heirlooms, and food. Anything with a story behind it touches them. Something that makes the home nicer is good too, but think more along the lines of a cookbook than a vacuum cleaner.

Avoid: Lengthy trips, foreign foods, exotic items, and things that are meant to nudge them in a certain career or life path. They don’t want a day planner, a tie, or a briefcase.


Leo: creative, dramatic, fun-seeking, trendy

Suggestions: It’s easy to shop for Leo, because they tend to like whatever’s hip. anything that gets them attention is good, too, no matter what age. Leos are very particular about their hair, so hair care products are good. Flashy jewelry and trendy clothes are great.

Avoid: Anything sensible. Leo can always get themselves a coffee cup or socks. They want to know that you know them and like who they are enough to get a gift to celebrate that.


Virgo: analytical, detail-oriented, helpful, pragmatic

Suggestions: Virgo is someone who appreciates socks and underwear, provided that they’re good quality. Things that help them do their job is especially helpful, like organizers. They don’t mind getting a vacuum cleaner or health products, either. 

Avoid: Gifts should be useful, or else they’ll end up in the donation box. They don’t want the gift of the year or something loud or garish. Tacky things make them cry. If it’s boring to you, they like it. 

Want More? Come back for Part II on 12/9 for more astrology for gifts!


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