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I am not happy with my psychic reading

So…You’re Disappointed/Angry/Upset About Your Psychic Reading? Good. Here’s Why: You were excited, perhaps a little nervous. Maybe you’d never done this before. Maybe you have. Hell, maybe you just did this last week, or yesterday, or an hour before. You may have met them for the first time. They ask your name, how you’re doing,

Avoid Psychic Scams

6 Foolproof Ways to Avoid Psychic Scams Unfortunately, there are scam artists for every profession, and for psychics, there are plenty. Word-of-mouth, ratings, and professional associations may tell you more about whether a psychic is legitimate or not. A psychic puts themselves out into the world as a professional and should conduct themselves as a

What are the different types of Psychics?

20 Psychics by Type 1)The Seers These gifted individuals can sense things beyond what exists in immediately reality. Their senses go beyond the immediate and obvious. They pick up what happens in other places and in the future. Contact one of these psychics if you want insight into the unknown. Clairvoyants clairsentients and other clear-sensing